Monday, March 14, 2011

The Occasional DanRad Video

Occasionally, one needs to watch a video of Daniel Radcliffe, because he is one crazy mofo.  It will be a new segment here on the B Channel, but not a regular one, just an occasional one, as indicated by the title of this post.

Every time I think about him saying, "I talk to women...tell them that I'm Harry...and see where that gets me," I TOTALLY LOL.  Having thought of that many times today, I have LOLd muchly.

(All of my posts on all of my blogs today are the result of raiding Vanessa's e-mails.  Fact.)


  1. 'BROOM BURN' - bwhaahhahahahahah!

  2. It's still hilarious this morning. I love that kid!

  3. Broom burn has been on my mind all day... imagine Harry having broom burn and someone having to put a soothing balm on it!!! ;-)

  4. And for an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT REASON I am again LOLing. Hmmm...I wonder who would be the best person to take care of him in that condition... ;D