Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alright, I Need Help

As mentioned on my other blog, I am currently working on a blog to promote a campus housing site (called set to launch May 16.

If you, dear person who inexplicably reads this self-indulgent blog, would go to THIS LINK and leave a comment, then the roads will rise up to meet you, the wind will always be at your back, and all of your dreams will be fulfilled!  (Or something.  What I'm trying to say is that it will bring you good karma.) 

ALSO, feel free (in fact, I'm begging you) to enter their contest.  For real, you could totally win an iPad.

In other news, file this under Things I Can't Even Believe I Didn't Think of First:

It's a poster!  I could have made this!  I could have been rich!  Goddammit.


  1. You are. THE BEST. Thank you so, so much!!!!!! :)

  2. No problem :-)

    And yeah, that poster is gold. LOL

  3. I printed the poster off on a standard sheet of paper and taped it on my bedroom wall, right underneath a postcard of Wills. Yes, I am THAT BIG of a nerd. ;D

  4. that is for americans only I guess??? other than that I really haven't any horrorstory O.O but that's because my life is boring ;)

    Cool Poster - AND harry has a better hair-future, did you see how soon wills will be bold??? it's almost there. O.O

  5. I'm actually still trying to work out what the deal is with the contest. There's a certain level of disorganization which will *hopefully* be corrected today!

    And HA! It's true, I kind of secretly switched alliances to Harry years ago. :) I can't get too down on Wills for the hair loss because of being a prince and a nice guy (and being stuck with bad genes), but I can't forgive him for falling in love with another girl!! :D So Harry it is! (He seems like he'd be a lot less serious anyway. ;))

  6. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! :D

    And thank you to everyone who commented!! The ISJ crowd made a respectable showing in what otherwise would have been a total flop. I really appreciate you guys making me look better than I actually am. :)

  7. Take it from someone who has seen prince William in person THE PRINCE HAS STILL GOT IT!!!!

  8. the world just hasn't seen all your qualities yet PG - but it will eventually :) you are pure awesomness with your way

    #DoNotSlipOnTheSlime LOL


  9. Both of the comments directly above this made me smile in a major way. Thank you to both of you. :D