Friday, July 8, 2011

Cheap Beer of the Month Club (Late as Usual)

This one goes out to Scott, whose first impression of me as a blogger was that I was someone who consistently fails to provide Cheap Beer of the Month Club entries in a timely manner.

We're one Friday off this month, but here we go...


Gas station or grocery store?  What even is this beer?  Having never had it until this week, I'm guessing it lurks in gas stations in the same place it lurks in grocery stores:  with the underachiever beers in the cheap section.

Price:  $7.29 for a 12-pack (!) (and that's not on sale [!]), throw in a little tax...we're holding steady at 62 cents a can.  SIXTY-TWO CENTS.  Glory be to God.

Swill quality: Heartier by a half than Natty Life, though not strong enough to curb your appetite should you indulge in an apĂ©ritif.  We'll give it a passing swill grade of "drinkable."

Packaging/label:  Was this some poorly-performing graphic design student's last ditch effort before flunking out?  Major point loss here for a complete and utter lack of anything notable.  

Shame factor: Er...did you catch the cost of this stuff?  Yeah...

Overall:  A surprisingly solid, almost-but-not-quite-flavorful beer, and to reiterate my comment both immediately above and further above, THE COST.  IS UNBEATABLE.  Ladies and gentlemen, I may have a new fall-back beer... 


  1. BECKY!!! I feel SO honored :)

    And a "PREMIUM" cheap beer no less.

    I can't wait to try it. Really though--the heartier by half comment stung a little :(

    Thanks for the post. You are the best blogger I have ever known.

  2. I think you are the first person I've ever dedicated a cheap beer post to, so it just didn't seem right to go with anything less than a premium cheap beer!!

    But I'm telling you, this dissing Natty Lite thing is a habit of mine that is deeply ingrained. You'll probably have to defend it a few more times before I finally break it. :)

    (And if you really do try this beer, you'll have to let me know what you think! I actually did find it surprisingly good...)

  3. I think that last line on the can reads, "Undrinkable Miller"

  4. HA! (Fine print: "Undrinkable only to people with 'standards'.") :)