Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Literally, this is what just happened in my life...

I ran across (randomly!) a photograph of someone I had a crush on many, many years ago, which (randomly!) happened to be taken by someone I recently met.

I looked up the photographer on Facebook.  Found the former crush on his friends list.  Scoped out the former crush's profile.

LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED.  Because seriously, Becky.  COME ON.  This dude was lucky you ever looked twice in his direction.

Searched HIS friends list for the former roommate who was friends with the crush first and said she didn't like him...but totally slept with him THE VERY NIGHT she realized that I had a crush on him, solely because she was a bitch.  (Literally, I shed actual tears over this when it happened.) 

LAUGHED AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED.  Because the roommate looks like she's 180 years old now and why on EARTH did I ever think this person was "competition"?

Went back to the former crush's friends list.  Found ANOTHER crush I had completely forgotten about.  Noted that he is still uncomfortably attractive but whatever because he appears to be illiterate.

Used HIS friends list to find a long-lost sort-of friend (much younger than me) who had so much potential and charisma but who was always more interested in the next boy than maximizing her talents.  Discovered she has spawned, changed her last name, and is doing absolutely nothing, so hello, totally called that one...

Went back to first crush's friends list to find another long-lost roommate.  Discovered I still don't give a fuck.  Discovered I couldn't remember my final roommate's name so I couldn't look her up...

Realized that for as much as I complain, my life (and I, myself) may be a little bit awesome.

Oh, God.  The internet!  How did mankind LIVE before the ability to look up former tormentors and subsequently mock their patheticness?  Happy New Year to me...


  1. So glad you got a good laugh today - you needed it! And hey, Facebook is good for something : )

  2. LOL - finally someone put FB to good use ;)

    I haven't found many people - but my first and always love (and I kinda fell for him again LOL). And some who mocked me when I was a kid/teen - and practically everyone looks terrible today *g* Sorry but the truth hurts sometimes.............

    Didn't found any ol' friends of that time tho O.O But I guess there is a reason why they haven't made it into my present not to mention future.


  3. This was seriously, like, the best Facebook use EVER. (And one of the only times I can ever recall finding something on there that was one happy revelation after another...although, Meg, discovering that Satan #2 is gay comes in a close second in terms of gleeful hilarity :)).

    Sasha, I feel like the best part of this particular Facebook quest was that now that I know all of this I never have to think about these people again. A+ on the closure aspect!!

  4. My FB revelation came not too long ago when I realized I had friended all of these people from high school I hadn't seen or talked to since we graduated . . and that there just may be a reason for that. ;) Subsequently unfriended all those who were excited to see me after so many years (and vice versa) and then never commented on anything I posted and/or commented around anything I wrote on their posts. Sometimes we leave people behind, and that's where they should stay. Upside is though that a couple of really good friends from back then and I have picked up as if we were never apart. I guess that's the sign of true friendship!

  5. Definitely!! And that's so great that you were able to reconnect. I've had that happen with very, very few friends. And I applaud you for defriending people...I've thought about it many times. In fact, if I were to be completely honest, one of the reasons I haven't is because I'm sometimes self-conscious about my friend number to begin with, since - compared to many people I know - it's relatively low. But of course that's stupid, because the number of "friends" you have online in no way reflects on the number of true connections you have in real life.

    I'm sure MANY a person I know (maybe even a younger version of me) would have friended every single person I listed in this post. But I was content just to look, mock, and move on. Because it's exactly like you were saying...at best, there's superficial enthusiasm followed by silence. I'm with you on there begin a reason why we left these people behind to begin with. :)