Sunday, February 19, 2012

That Race I Didn't Run

I was supposed to run an 8k in Barlett at 2 PM this afternoon.

My radiator sprung a leak, however, and on my drive to the race, I found myself temporarily stranded in a church parking lot on Summer Avenue with an overheated engine.

The Lord, perhaps taking pity on me for being if not in his house, then at least in his backyard, bestowed my vehicle with just enough staying power to roll into my mechanic's parking lot, but did not see fit to grant me the extra mile it would have taken to get to the race.

I accepted the Lord's judgment, and also accepted my father's car for my drive to work in the morning, and came home.

A beer seemed more than appropriate...and yet instead, I found myself sitting outside in the sun, reading a book. 

When I came indoors, I was hungry, so I ate half a grapefruit.  Then I lit a couple of candles, turned on some Enya, and looked at things under a microscope.

Megan called, and after we chatted, I looked in my cupboard and contemplated whether I should make myself chamomile or lemon zinger tea to drink during Downton Abbey later tonight...


I've turned into the thirty-year-old version of myself.


  1. sounds like you've grown up ........

    xD just kidding - we never grow up, we become wise someday ;) coz we are the cool kids *ggg*


  2. LOL! You sound quite a bit like me :D

    (I LOVE Downtown Abbey! And also tea.)

  3. Downton Abbey is THE BEST. I can't believe the season is already over, though! They're terrible to tease us with these eight episode seasons and then make us wait forever to see what happens next!! (Although, going back to our book discussion, big gaps in between parts of the story does lead to emotional investment and loyalty, so maybe they know what they're doing after all. :))

    Sasha, we are TOTALLY the cool kids! I'm with you on thinking that we are absolutely becoming wise without ever *really* growing up... :D

  4. Or, I should say, HOPE to become wise. I don't think I'm quite there yet. ;)

  5. hahaha That's why I said, we BECOME wise ... I'm sure I don't have much of that yet xD

    Soooo, we can hope together for the wisdom to hit us - very hard hopefully o.0


  6. are you up to season 2 Downton Abbey or season 1? Im waiting for season 2 to start here, its been like 6 MONTHS!!!

    (just started Revenge...HOOKED)

  7. We JUST finished Season 2 here!! It was OMG so good...a little slow to start out and then holy crap, it got awesome. I'm already on pins and needles waiting for Season 3. And really and truly, I can't believe I haven't written a blog entry celebrating the hotness and spectacularness that is Mathew Crawley. Dear Lord, I turn into a 13-year-old every time he comes on screen. Everything about that character is delicious to me. :)

    I haven't seen Revenge; it looks very intriguing though. I'll have to figure out when that comes on here!