Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Went to St. Louis for Three Days of Business Meetings and This is the Most I Feel Comfortable Disclosing Publicly

Becky is a Partier:  Argument For

Because on Night #2, when we were being bused back to the hotel from the bowling alley (bowling was our entertainment after a day of sitting in meetings), I was thinking, 'I had three beers over three games of bowling and a bunch of pizza...and that equals not even a buzz...and a dreadfully low level of debauchery for a Thursday night.'

(The shrieking cacophony from the rest of the passengers on the bus said they were all thinking, 'We are away from our families tonight and we are drunk right now!')

Becky is a Partier:  Argument Against

Upon learning that several of the younger people in our group followed up their night of bowling with a night at the hotel bar, my thought was, "I have zero regrets about not joining them and instead running four miles on the treadmill and then going back to my room to watch PBS and read Christopher Hitchens before bed."

Conclusion:  Stereotypes are just rules that everyone should go out of their way to break.


  1. hehe I always loved hanging at the bar after long meetings *ggg* but I wouldn't have gone to the bowling - not my kind of relaxation ;)

    Sooo back to you: I'd say, you found a good measure of party and no-party x)


    1. Bowling was mandatory, so there wasn't really an option to get out of it. It wasn't as horrifying as it could have been, but my heart kind of wasn't in it after a day of sitting around and listening to other people talk. :-/

      I actually ran on the treadmill two nights in a row, both nights after having consumed three beers. I'd say I had some pent-up energy! :) But yes, I agree that it was a nice balance! I'm not always the best at finding that balance, but I have to say I was proud when one morning, one of the guys running the show was all, "Haha, so was everyone out partying last night?" and I could honestly say, "I don't know; I was in the gym running on the treadmill." (His response: "After drinking all that beer?!" HA.)

  2. Have you ever been to City Museum in St Louis? That seems like a place you would enjoy.


    1. Yes! I didn't go this time around (there wasn't really time this time for hanging out in the city itself), but a couple of years ago, I did hit up City Museum and had a good time.