Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today in Random Poetry...

We look back on the past with affection, it’s true. 
But how often we tend to forget, 
That wisdom and peace are married to time 
And thus age we must never regret.

I don't know.  No, literally, I DON'T KNOW.  Apparently I was writing age-themed poetry last year and sticking it in obscurely-named Word documents!

As you may have gathered, I periodically sift through my expansive documents folder on my hard drive just to see what treasures I've forgotten about.  And I'll be damned, I always find something.  Always!  I don't even know how a person can fill up as many Word documents as I have (and then immediately forget about them), but I find shit all the freaking time!  Tonight, I discovered a recap of my 2008 (huh) and an untitled poem dated May 28, 2011.

Quoted above is the final stanza of that poem.  I don't know whether it's stellar or saccharine, but maybe it's both and either way, it's very me...

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