Friday, February 21, 2014

In keeping with my last post, it turns out that yes, I have achieved all of my previously set life goals.

Today was my last day at my old job, which meant coming home and throwing all of the stuff that came off/out of my desk into a box in my closet that still holds all the stuff that came off/out of my desk at my previous job. 

In that box was a worksheet that I had filled out on February 1, 2008 about my "passions."  My job back then involved a lot of client-oriented functions, and usually if I had to attend I at least got the benefit of participating.  The worksheet, entitled "Discover You Passions, Live Your Destiny," asked me to choose three things that would "make my life and my work ideal" and then explain how I would define success in each.  Here were my answers:

1.  Enjoying financial freedom means:
- Not having to work in order to pay the bills --> working when I want to
- Having enough in savings to splurge, travel
- Being a millionaire at some point would be nice
- Continue track record of no debt ever

2.  Writing means:
- Publishing a book
- Being paid to blog
- Being recognized as an author
- Having people affected/entertained/influenced by my work

3.  Time outdoors/physical health means:
- Running a marathon

All right, so technically I can't cross "being a millionaire" off and the splurging/traveling definitely fell by the wayside pretty quickly...BUT, other than that, I did every single thing on there!  Crazy!

Also in the box was a print out of the e-mail britpopbaby sent me before she left me in charge of Jake Watch for the first time and a folded-up poster of ancient sea beasts yanked from National Geographic.

FACT:  My box of stuff that came off/out of my desk(s) at work is full of things not directly related to work.

Ancient sea beast from National Geographic's website.


  1. This article came up on my Facebook news feed. You might find it interesting.
    - jst

    1. However, amidst their fervent embrace of all things digital, nine-in-ten Millennials say people generally share too much information about themselves online, a view held by similarly lopsided proportions of all older generations.


      And the part where Millennials are less likely to describe themselves as environmentalists...definitely something I've witnessed and often wondered about (because I know so many earth-conscious people, so is this really representative of people's actions or is there some association with the label?).

      So much good stuff in there...bookmarked! Thank you for sharing. :)