Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Becky's Unsolicited Movie Reviews: Country Strong

Seriously?  THAT was the ending?

(I was sitting behind a group of girls who were taking pictures of Garrett Hedlund with their phones every time he came on screen and in front of a middle-aged woman who gasped repeatedly at non-gasp-worthy things throughout the film.  The audience participation was as riveting - some might say "annoying" - as the movie itself.)

(Garrett Hedlund, where have you been my whole life?)

(OH MY GOD, HE WAS PATROCLUS IN TROY.  He was a lot girlier then.)


  1. hah, OMG, girl, you are so right. I can't stop going to see that damn movie, so I can watch that guy & listen to that voice. Shit, it could melt steel, I tell you. It actually made me like CW music, shit. WTF happened to meeee???

    & yeah, in Troy, he definitely was very girly. heh. After all, he was still just a baby, (18), when he filmed it. & it showed. But a better one than that one he was in a few years ago was Four Brothers with Marky Mark. He played Jack & was do damn cute, it was hard to concentrate on the story. & don't miss him playing a Mormon virgin with LILO in Georgia Rule. I saw that when it came out & jesus, what a heartbreaker. But soooo innocent, it was almost sinful. LILO did the honors of giving him his first BJ. (not in RL, of course, well maybe, who knows???) hahaha...

  2. AND he's from Minnesota! ;-)


  3. OMG, Coffeecat, I KNOW! & what a gorgeous one at that. You guys really know how to grow 'em up there! & he's SWEDISH!!! YUM. He is so damn cute when he was on Leno doing his promotion for Tron Legacy, check him out here >
    & omg, here he is singing "Chances Are" in Country Strong, I can't stop listening to the man sing & talk >

  4. Vanessa, you crack me up! Two weeks ago, I didn't even know who this dude was, and you've got his whole filmography down along with specifically recommended titles complete and ready to go! Only you... :D

  5. I know, I had seen all his movies over the years, but he didn't make any impression on me until I saw Country Strong the 1st time a few weeks ago. Then I went nuts, kinda like I did when I fell for Prince Dastan last May. Weird. I admit it, I'm a degenerate, but it sure is fun having a SML that is almost a mile long now. I guess it will continue to grow too. BTW, if you like sci fi at all, I do highly recommend his other new movie, Tron Legacy. The visuals alone are phenomenal enough to make it worth seeing, even if you think the plot is lame. Personally, I liked the plot though, but then I loved the orig. Tron 28 years ago & that, my friend, is VERY lame compared to the sequel. >;-P

  6. I've never seen the original Tron, but I was thinking I would probably hit up the cheap theater to see Tron Legacy when it gets there (especially now that I know who Garret is!). Oh, and btw, I did see Secretariat and an Unsolicited Movie Review is coming! :D

  7. Oh yeah, see it cheap if you can. The 3D is pretty spectacular, but the visuals are so good, it probably looks good in any format.

    & damn, I am going to see Country Strong again this afternoon with a close friend. She hasn't seen it yet, so I get to watch her squeal with delight at Garrett now. hah. (This will make my 4th time, egads, if I keep going, I may actually surpass the number of times I saw PoP)