Friday, January 21, 2011

It was twenty years ago today!

No, it wasn't.  It was five years ago today.

Five years ago today I wrote my first blog entry on MySpace, an emo diatribe against people who didn't give Brokeback Mountain (what I thought was) the proper respect in the theater.

We've come a long way since then, baby.  (And not all of it's been good.)

Book reviews, running reports, Facebook complaints, a Cheap Beer of the Month Club, movies, music, Things I Love, Things I Will Not - Under Any Circumstances - Tolerate, Aaron Carter updates, Today in Beatles History, old MySpace blogs, the occasional overpopulation post...all of the things I haven't been writing about but should have been.  That will be here.

And it will be good.


  1. I'm really excited for your new blog! I miss reading your frequent Jake-stalking posts, and while Jake's life is, ahem, ever so riveting, mostly I just enjoy your witticisms. So yes, I'm excited. :)

  2. Count me in PG, as a major follower, too. As you know, I have always thought you were an extremely talented writer, so I am really looking forward to you moving on this. Yay! >;-)

    & by the way, have a wonderful & fun birthday weekend, woman! Happy Birthday early!

  3. Sorry, I meant to say, you "ARE" an extremely talented writer, not "were". But you know what I mean! >;-D

  4. HA! I knew what you meant. :D And thank you for the birthday wishes, here and on ISJ!!

    And thank you, both of you!!! I'm really excited about doing all of these blog things that would pop into my head but then I didn't have time to follow through with. Time to get out of my creative rut! :)

  5. Yay! New blog!! I am so excited! Well I think congratulations is in order! I'm so glad u are writing for yourself and not for everyone else, it's about time u were a little selfish and for that reason I just know this is going to be epic!!!

  6. I for one cannot WAIT for the first Aaron Carter update. That better not be a tease.

  7. Oh and ps I was totally going to be the first to comment, I wrote my comment 1.5 hours ago and pressed comment and then put my phone down to come back now and see that it didnt actually post cause I didn't prove I was human by retyping in the letters, dammit!!!

  8. so excited for the new blog.. glad to see you're writing about things way cooler than jake "im only awesome about 5% of the time now" gyllenhaal. :D

  9. I NEVER tease when it comes to Aaron Carter!!

    Sam, it was a valiant effort...I'll always know you were the first comment in theory, even if not in practice. :)

    sumi, I will never lose hope that he will one day return to form...but in the meantime, there should be more beer and dumb life stories, amirite?! :)

  10. I'm just here to observe the ensuing hilarity.

    ~*~*~but I was never actually here ~*~*~


  11. there should be more beer and dumb life stories, amirite?! :)

    For sure. I can't wait for you to start posting here. I'll try not to be so lazy and comment more, but that's not a guarantee.

    What the hell is with Aaron Carter, there's a girl at my school who actually has his songs on

  12. ^^^her ipod.

    Your comment select a profile thing confused the crap out of me for awhile. I'm really not that smart:)

  13. AH SORRY!! I'm trying a new comment thing with Blogger. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet!

    And now I've posted my first entry here and it's super-long, borderline depressing, and I've probably scared everyone off. Rest assured, there is *actual* hilarity (Aaron Carter-related and otherwise) coming, I promise!! :D