Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NEW FEATURE: Becky's Tips for Saving Money

Today's installment:  Never Buy New Clothes

Most of my wardrobe was new between 2004 and 2006.  Most of what's newer than that is running shirts from races.

I have been unemployed for a year but I AM RICH (in terms of having a trove of really old clothes, but also in having money for groceries).

Live like me and you'll never go wrong.


  1. OMG I'd drop dead if I couldn't shop anymore ... It's my one and only guilty pleasure and relieve from life :D hahaha my closet is 12sqm and packed with clothes and shoes and all .................

    I think I stick to go all wrong with that habbit ;)

  2. Admittedly, most of my tips for saving money are going to be things that a normal person would NEVER DO. I am so weird... :D

    (And truth be told, I used to buy so damned many clothes that even after getting out of the habit of shopping, I still have a freaking ton of them!! So I definitely know where you're coming from... ;))

  3. geez, sometimes I feel like I channeled Imelda Marcos, I am a shoe-aholic & have about a gazillion pairs that go back to the early 90's even. I can't part with one stupid pair. Being cash poor myself for the past year due to the bad economy, I had to stick with all my old clothes too, but did I stop buying shoes? NO. It is a true addiction, I tell you. However, I only bought cheap shoes that looked cool, so that made up for it some, right? Can you spell D-U-M-B? That's me. I may not have a roof over my head soon, but I sure as hell with have a lot of fucking shoes to wear. ^_^

  4. I can't even type today either, I meant to type, "but I sure as hell *will* have a lot of fucking shoes to wear." NOT *with*. D'OH!

    This is a weird day. Not liking this day at all already. Only good thing is I am going to see Tron Legacy later with my sister. I know I am a total nut, Garrett is my new lovely addiction, although he was much hotter in Country Strong, (see new post). yep, very.

    Unfuckingbelievable, I had to redo my 2nd comment, as I still can't type right or something. crap.

  5. hahaha yeah - movie to my life would probably called "me and my fashion addiction - a neverending love"
    I'd rather not eat than stop shopping xD


  6. Weirdly enough, I have never been a shoes person!! Like, literally, I'd rather go barefoot than wear shoes, and shoe-shopping is one of my least favorite things to do. I know I'm really not-normal in that respect! But Vanessa, as long as you're getting them cheap, then it could be a hell of a lot worse. ;)

    So I think what we learned from this entry is that this particular tip probably won't be taken by most of the people who read it. :D

  7. If truth be told, I never wear shoes at home, I prefer being barefoot. Actually out of that mile high pile of shoes in my closet, there's only about 5 pair that I ever pick from to wear out anywhere. Like I said earlier, DUMB. But it is a real addiction, like all I saw in all the different pics of Anne Hathaway during all the LAOD promos, were the shoes she was wearing. Every pair she wore were gorgeous. When all the other Jake fans were drooling over him in the pics, I was gaga over her shoes. ^_^