Friday, January 28, 2011

Things I Love


Artificial grape flavoring is one of God's finest creations...superior to so many things.  Like licorice.  And cockroaches.


  1. Word. It's like whoever made the grape flavoring wasn't even attempting for it to taste like actual grapes, but it ended up working out anyway. Twizzler has some grape licorice and I'm obsessed. It more closely resembles blueberry in my opinion, but hey, what the heck do I know about artifical flavorings.

  2. Grape is one of the best artificial flavorings, I concur. I like a lot of different flavors of candy though. Even artificial watermelon. Weird, but good. & superior to cockroaches, yes, definitely.

    Now I want to try the Twizzler grape, didn't know that existed. Thanks for the heads up, Mo. I always liked the Twizzler strawberry, so grape sounds even better. yum.

  3. Random: I had an allergy to artificial grape flavoring as a small child. No joke. It seriously limited the type of medicine I could take!

  4. That is really random! I think I may have wasted away as a child had I not been able to take grape-flavored medicine...

    I'm with Mo and Vanessa...the grape flavor has NOTHING TO DO with actual grapes, and yet it's so frickin' delicious!!! It's like candy manufacturers just stumbled across something that nature forgot and then made it purple. Brilliant.

    Grape Twizzlers sound amazing and I think my goal for the weekend will be to track some down... God, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  5. Grape hubba bubba gum was always my favourite. Cant compare with any of your examples as i have never head of any of them (oh so much to learn!)

    p.s. Licorice sucks

  6. NOTHING is superior to licorice! You can't ever convince a Swede of such a thing. Ever. Licorice is the shit. :P

    Damn, now I wish I had some at home.

  7. Just look at this! HOLY HELL! *dools*

    Us Swedes know candy.

  8. I think licorice is one of those things that you either love or hate. My Dad *LOVES* licorice. Like, freaking loves licorice. And yet this seems to be a gene set that I did not inherit AT ALL.

    That said this picture has my mouth watering! Now I know when I come visit Sweden one day (OH IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN) to head straight for the candy aisle. ;)

  9. I don't think I ever even tasted any candy that was supposed to taste like grapes...? That flavour must of just skipped this country. Or, you know, me...

    Are there grape Skittles? I do love the Skittles. Especially the sour ones. They're not allowed here. Not just the sour ones, ALL Skittles :-( Something about the artificial colouring giving children ADHD...?

    And yes, licorice IS, in fact, the shit. Best candy invented since chocolate.

    The day you come to visit, we'll camp out by the candy aisle :-)

  10. NO SKITTLES?! No lie, Skittles are my favorite candy. I can eat the hell out of those things!!! There are grape Skittles, although every time I've have Skittles in Europe, the grape ones have been blackcurrant. Now THERE'S a flavor that baffles me! We don't have blackcurrant here...

    CLEARLY I am going to have to smuggle you some grape Skittles (and sour ones!) when I come to visit. ;D

  11. AHA!! See, there's segregation going on. Grape flavour are apparently not for Europeans, we have to settle for blackcurrant.

    (OK, so I do like the blackcurrant, but still, I feel like I've been robbed of an experience here!)

    And YES!! Smuggle away :-) I'll be waiting!

  12. Grape licorice?!?!?!? How do I not know about this? Probably cause I live in Colorado and we're friggin sheltered with our food selections here. We don't even have an In & Out Burger. But I echo the grape candy sentiment! Grape Laffy Taffy is about my favorite thing right now. And I am a Grape Gatorade G2 Afficianado. Mostly cause it reminds me of Grape Kool-Aid from my childhood, which they dubbed "Purplesaurus Rex." Grape flavoring is the shit!

  13. OH MY GOD GRAPE LAFFY TAFFY. My mouth is watering so much right now...

    And I remember Purplesaurus Rex! And that brings to mind Alexander the Grape Otter Pops...ooh, and grape Jolly Ranchers. Not enough good things can be said about artificial grape flavoring. Fact.

    (Although don't feel too bad, NSA, because I have yet to run across the grape licorice, either. :( Dammit, I'm looking, though...)

  14. Hah, I love that this post is still getting comments after 3 weeks! I want that damn grape twizzler & have not had the money to go candy store shopping. There is the coolest candy store here in Houston, but it's like 15 miles from me or more & with the price of gas now, that's put the brakes on me going out hardly at all with my stupid gas hog of an SUV.

    One thing I wanted to comment on to NSA is that I tried In & Out when I went to LA a couple of years ago because of how everyone raves about it. It is very overrated. I was not impressed with the burgers at all, so imho, you aren't missing anything. ^_^

  15. We don't have In & Out here, either, but I ate at one in California, too! I honestly don't remember the hamburger...that probably doesn't speak too well of its impact on me...