Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Ran a Half Marathon and Now I'm Going to Hogwarts!

It's true! All of it!

Yesterday, I ran the Run for Hope Half Marathon in Oxford, Mississippi, a town (and race) known for its excruciating hills, something I was unaware of until the day before the race.  For it was then that, looking through my race packet, I noticed the race's motto was...hold on...let me dig it out for you so I can type it word for word...

"We own the hills of North Mississippi and invite you to join us and make them yours."

I almost vomited just reading that.  Had I been training for hills?  No.  Had I been training at all recently?  No.  I'd been sitting on my ass for the past week and a half because I overdid it and got shin splints.

Though I nearly died (I can't recall ever feeling more like death was imminent than at the end of that race), I ran my best time ever by two full minutes BECAUSE I AM HARDCORE LIKE THAT.

Here I am around Mile 5.  It's about this time that it occurs to me the impossibly steep hill we ran down at the very start of the race is the same hill we will be running up at the end of the race.

Mile 11.5.  I'm smiling because I think I'm almost done, not realizing that most of the rest of the race will be uphill, mostly slow inclines, but also sharp inclines, like the one that had the finish line at the top of it.  Nearly every person in front of me broke on that hill.  Not me.  I almost blacked out, but I didn't walk...

...and my anguish in dealing with the aftermath of that decision is clearly visible in this finish line photo.  After the race, I stumbled around for a while until my vision came back and then I drank beer.  Hooray!

And to answer your question, no.  I do not feel as if I own the hills of North Mississippi now.  I feel as if the hills of North Mississippi handed my ass to me on a platter and it's a miracle that I can still walk today.  

Speaking of today, in a few hours I'm flying to Orlando to meet up with Sam and Alex for five days so we can go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and do other fun, Florida-y things.  If time permits, there will be real-time vacation updates!  If time doesn't permit, then a full recap will come when I'm home.  Either way, expect pictures of Hogwarts.


  1. Again, sooooooo proud of you! You are so many levels of awesome : ) And your legs look super hot in that first picture!! Have fun in Florida : )

  2. Well done, that's awesome.

    Very jealous you're going to Hogwarts...enjoy! x

  3. Sorry, I never commented here before you jetted off to the land of Potter. I am so impressed with your half marathon run! Congrats!!! Pics are amazing, PG. You look awesome!

    I checked out the vacation pics on FB, I am SOOO jealous! I have been watching the creation of Potter World since they first announced the plans for it & want to go SO bad, I can't hardly stand it. & now seeing your pics clarified that it must be as awesome as I hoped it would be. Wow, can't wait to read your post about your experiences there & the rest of your trip. Whoo-hoo!

  4. Thanks for all the congrats on the race! It feels like a lifetime ago now, even though it was just a little over a week ago (!). I ran for the first time since then this morning and I'm pleased to report that I seem to have made a full recovery. :D

    Vanessa, the first recap is UP!! It'll be probably four segments, and the most relevant one is the next one, but overall, it was an AWESOME vacation and YES. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is EVERYTHING you would think it would be and more!! I'm so NOT a theme park person and I already can't wait to go back. :D In the blog recap, I'm trying to post pictures that didn't make it to FB so...more Hogwart-y goodness coming soon!!!