Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Natalie Morales Lives Out Dream of Every Woman on Earth

Who among us hasn't longed for a Kate Middleton dress and a life-sized cutout of Prince William of our very own?

Natalie Morales, WERK IT GURL.

(Sister post on my other blog.)


  1. Lol these sister blogs are fantastic! Although personally I would pick the boys in the other blog. Hard choice but yeh... 3 beats 1 anyday- spesh considering they have warm blood in their bodies!

  2. Admittedly Anne got the better end of the deal. :D But I do give Natalie points for achieving a more, er, terrestrial goal!!

  3. I need to get me some life sized cut outs!

  4. damn, I am away from the web for a few days & you post a bunch of stuff on your blogs! I love this. & William is precious, isn't he? Although I agree with Sam, I prefer the guys on your sister post. There are what, like 5, at least on my SML??? Um, yeah.