Monday, February 7, 2011

Running with Becky: We Are the Champions Edition

Your author, who really is a terrible runner, ran her first race of 2011 on Saturday.

And she fucking placed in that race.  ME.  I PLACED.  SECOND PLACE.  IN A RACE WITH MORE THAN TWO PEOPLE IN MY AGE CATEGORY.  (Results here.)

Hell yes.  Let's look at some pictures of me:
Look at that stride.  That is the stride of a person with larger-than-average kneecaps.

This picture exhibits the joy of running a good race...although in this case the joy was from the photographer bellowing at me that I was almost to the finish line.

Well, this one's not too flattering, is it?

Granted had the weather been better and more people had shown up, I wouldn't have placed.  But shut the hell up, I ran an 8:52 final mile.  They didn't give away medals, but instead long-sleeved tech shirts, which means that the bigger victory here was that I got free clothing and thus saved money.

Everything in my life comes back to my stinginess.  Everything.


  1. Woohoo! Well done you! Celebratory cheap beer for you tonight then?!

  2. Bah, who needs medals anyway, right?!

    And GO YOU! Placing and everything! I'm so proud!! :-D *hugs*

    Oh, and that, my friend? Is a kick-ass stride, if I may say so.

  3. All that hard work pays off... and heck i think a shirt is heaps better than a medal. Its not like you can get away with wearing your medal every day!

    Only thing im worried about from these pictures is that you're probably gonna make me feel fat....

  4. CONGRATS!!! I am in major awe of anyone that can run any race. But this is cool as shit, woman.

    I agree with all the above comments too! >;-)

  5. Thank you, everyone!! Not gonna lie, I was pretty stoked to hear my name called out. It's only ever happened one other time, and that time there were far fewer people running. :)

    And YES, Clarabel, there was definitely a celebratory cheap beer last night. :D (Actually, Sam can vouch for me on that one...)

  6. Dude!! Two major comments:

    1.) You are awesome! Good job on your time!! Second place is very impressive. (What do you mean by larger than average knee caps? What's the story there? haha)

    2.) I'm still in denial over our age. I saw the number by your name and thought, "Oh God! Next year we're in the 30-34 age bracket!!" :( I may need therapy over this...