Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today in Beatles History...

Forty-seven years ago today, this happened in front of 73 million Americans, the largest television audience ever at that time:

Years later, humanity would commemorate this milestone in pop culture by uploading several thousand incorrectly identified YouTube videos of various Beatles appearances, half of them not even from the Ed Sullivan Show.  BUT WHATEVS 'cause this is still an awesome thing to watch, because of the hair and the music and those kickass arrows.

(If the "forty-seven years ago" thing didn't make you feel old, then the fact that George Harrison had not yet turned twenty-one surely will...)


  1. 2 reasons why this post makes me a bad friend:

    1: My computer is on the verge of dying, and i cant view the video for fear it might crash
    2: I think i finally have to admit that the beatles dont really interest me (oh, i know.. i just said that..)

    Please forgive my sins... And remember, difference of interst in friendships is a good thing! We have enough in common!

  2. I think the fact that you even read any of this while your computer was messed up makes you a wonderful friend!!!

    And I'm really sorry about the computer issues. I didn't see your Facebook updates until this morning. :( Maybe it magically fixed itself overnight??? (*fingers crossed*)

    As for the Fab Four, I kind of picked up before on your lack of enthusiasm, so you're forgiven!! ;) With everything else we have in common, there have to be a few things we disagree with every once in a while just to keep it interesting! :D

  3. ... and I was one of the millions watching it!

  4. I can't imagine how amazing that would have been to see while it was happening! I'm jealous...

    I've got a box DVD set that has all four Ed Sullivan shows in their entirety (commercials and all) from when the Beatles were on. I know I'm a bigger dork than most, but even by the early sixties standards of television production, in comparison to what you see on TV now, nothing comes close to the excitement those guys generated. :)

  5. OMFG, how far behind I got reading your new blog! I finally got back on here to see what you have posted in the past week or so & what do I see but my own love, THE BEATLES! I can say the same as cc that I was one of those millions watching it as well on that cold day in 1964. I remember standing in front of the b&w TV we had & dancing the twist! Geez, I am fucking old... ^_^

  6. HAHA! No, you're fucking cool to be able to say you saw it when it happened... :D