Friday, March 11, 2011

Cheap Beer of the Month Club (The Triumphant Return!)

The best thing I ever did, in my life, was put a picture of a Bud Light can on this blog.  It is the only reason that people visit me here who aren't my close friends, or people from ISJ who get bored when I don't post about Jake, or people looking for information on Justin Bieber's hair.

Technically, last week was to be our second club meeting, what with it being the first Friday of the month and all, but SORRY I WAS ON VACATION, and as Club President, I made the executive decision to push us back a week.  In consolation, this month's beer is going to be one of the MOST AWESOME (read:  "cheapest")  of cheap beers EVER.


Gas station or grocery store?  Buying Natty Light in a grocery store is like buying milk at a gas station.  You can do it, but you lose the vital ambiance that completes your purchasing experience.

Price:  I paid $11.79 for 18 of them, plus tax, so roughly $0.71 a can.

Swill quality:  High.  I mean, there's no way to sugarcoat it.  It's like drinking yeast-flavored water.

Packaging/label:  About as much effort went into making the Natty Light logo as went into making Natty Light.  Which is to say, not much.

Shame factor:  Huge.  Even frat boys will look down on you for drinking this shit.  (I wouldn't, though.)

Overall:  Look, it's beer, alright.  And you could drink five of them for the price of a goddamn cup of coffee at Starbucks.  That alone is enough to cover up a multitude of sins...


  1. oh, natty light.

    i spent many a nights in high school drinking you until i either lost my shoes, or lost my morals. luckily, it was usually the former.

    me and my gross friends used to mix natty light and cheap vodka, and pretend we were hardcore. so gross, and guaranteed a hangover!

    ps- glad you had so much fun on your trip! i couldnt really comment much, as im one of the few humans in america who hasnt been to either disneyworld or disneyland ever. in my life.

  2. True story, I read this comment before I went to bed last night and I had a dream that I drank Natty + vodka and it tasted like butterbeer. In a wide-awake state, however, I have to say that just *thinking* about that combination is giving me a hangover. But total creativity points! I can honestly say those are two things it has never occurred to me to mix...

    And kudos for staying strong on Disney. I thought I was the only one. But now I've caved, so maybe you're the only one. (Truth be told, there's a part of me that's a teeny bit sad that I can no longer say I've never been. It was a point of pride for so many years!! :( )

  3. But then Becky and teeny bit is glad you went. Forget what people think, you had fun!

  4. Oh, unequivocally, Sam!!! I wouldn't have traded the experience for anything and it was so much more fun being there than I ever thought it could be! You know me...I like to spin a good story and it'll just take me a while to adjust to no longer being able to tell the never-been-to-Disney one! ;)

  5. yeast-flavored water? OUCH!

  6. I know...I know... Had I only known when I wrote this that a Natty Light connoisseur would soon be reading this review! (Actually, I'm still amazed you like this stuff. Maybe I just haven't drunk enough of it to have acquired a taste for it!!)