Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On My First New Phone in Five Years...

I know exactly when I bought my hot pink Motorola Razr (May 21, 2006) because (shocker) I put up a blog about it the next day.  (It's worth the effort to click on that link just to read the comment exchange between Susie and me.)

When I walked into the AT&T store yesterday afternoon, the woman who waited on me said, "WOW, a RAZR!" the way an ornithologist might say, "WOW, an IVORY-BILLED WOODPECKER!"  Razrs are reportedly extinct, so it is a lucky, lucky cell phone store employee who runs across one in the wild.

Two years ago, a year past my upgrade date, I bought an LG Neon in an attempt to update my image.  Unfortunately, the LG Neon was the shittiest piece of shit phone I'd ever laid hands on, and after a trip back to the store and two hour-long conversations with customer service (which took place on the Razr because the Neon kept dropping calls), the verdict was that AT&T was not going to let me switch to a different phone.

And rather than give them another cent of my money, I said, "Fuck it, I'm going back to my Razr."

That was two years ago. 

Two years of getting crap about still having a Razr.

1.  "Can that phone get text messages?"

2.  "Wow, that's an old phone."

3.  "I haven't seen one of those in years!"

4.  "You weren't kidding about being unemployed, were you?"

(And those are just off the top of my head from the past three months.)

I actually did have an upgrade available about six months ago, but my brother stole it out from under me just because he was "moving to New York" and "needed to communicate with family" or whatever.  Jesus.

Then I thought I was going to get a new phone last month off my mom's upgrade.  But her upgrade was for February 2012, which I only realized the day before I was planning to buy the phone.

But yesterday, stealing my brother's upgrade, which he stole from me, which he really stole from my dad, I purchased a Pentach Laser, which is mostly touchscreen, but also has a full keyboard because the nice saleslady told me that switching from a Razr to a touchscreen keyboard might be overly ambitious of me.  ("Save the touchscreen keyboard until you get used to texting that way," she advised me.) 

So far, my only complaints are that I can't customize ringtones for individual callers and the scrolling is a little awkward.  But what an upgrade, right?


I could count on one hand the number of calls my Razr dropped in half a decade.  It still had four to six days' worth of battery life after five years.  And it was pink!

And this is....

...a phone that looks like all the other phones.  Because that what all phones are like nowadays.  Such mixed feelings...


  1. Haha, I feel like I can totally relate. I'm so not a technology junkie and don't really get the whole thing of showing off your phone as it's one of your personality traits. I want a phone that works - and yes, ok, because there is some shallowness in me, I do want it to be pretty, but most of all - handy to use. A while I had a phone I LOVED, it was wonderful in every possible way (except that it had a bit of a crappy camera but I was willing to forgive that), but the battery gave up on me :( I got an upgrade to the worst fucking phone EVER!! I endured that for two years before that piece of shit just gave up all together and in an attempt to find the perfect phone from times lost I got a foldable Nokia (so hopelessly not modern). It's OK, but I never would have guessed I could miss a phone (a phone!!) that much. It was just ... perfect...

    ...and I'm not sure about what I was trying to say with that... Other than; I relate to this story... And I do hope you'll like your new phone! And! That sales-lady?! Seriously?! Wow.

  2. Aww I love that pink RAZR, my aunty still has hers, she never uses it- ever! Whenever I go visit her in Canada (not that often) she lends it to me if I venture out anywhere alone! Bless! It's even got a matching pink case so is in pristine condition...I feel like I'm rocking the vintage look whenever I use it!

    Hope the new phone lasts as long :)

    P.S. Have tried commenting a few times over the last few posts (Universal studios, Cheap beer) and they're not showing up, so if this one doesn't work I'll be convinced you're deleting my comments for not being interesting enough ;) Actually, I think my internet connection may be throwing a bit of a wobbler with the freaky moon happenings!

  3. I love my iphone! Not sure i could go back to a phone that has buttons lol!


  4. ^^^ HA! See, that's exactly the sort of thing the woman was warning me about. I have to graduate to that slowly!!

    Linna! Yes, to your entire comment! I *used* to be so into keeping up with all the new technology, but that ended not long after I got that Razr. Nowadays, I mostly get annoyed with people and their phones. I went out with a group right before Christmas and of the six of us at the table, there were usually four people on their phones at any one time throughout dinner. Not calling people, mind you, just texting, Twittering, browsing the internet...I think that was part of the reason I'd got extra-annoyed when people mocked my phone. It was an actual phone! I used it to call people! I don't consider it a failure on my part that I can still sit through a meal without compulsively checking my Facebook page.

    But, er, I think I got a little off-track there. Here's to the wonderful phones we don't have anymore! *sniff* :(

    Clarabel, that is AWESOME that I am (or at least was) not the only person still rocking the pink Razr!!! It was a fashion icon of its time, and my only regret now is that I didn't have a case myself to retain its original glory. Use it with pride when you're out and about! It's a damn good phone. :)

    (And UGH, Blogger and its commenting issues!! :( I hope that your ability to post this means that whatever the problem is is taken care of. Who even knows what causes these things?! I remember the commenting feature on ISJ went completely down right after I started the blog and I had to fill out this complicated form...[although if the commenting shut down over here I'd probably never even pick up on it ;D]. Thanks for telling me. I'll watch for weirdness!)

  5. Congrats, Becky! Hope you like it. In my opinion, phones these days kind of leave a lot to be desired.

    I, myself, have an iPhone. Well I waited semi-patiently for my upgrade for two years so I could get one. I absolutely HATED the phone I had before I got my iPhone. I got my iPhone in November and never looked back. Then, last Tuesday I was getting on the train to go to school and I dropped it. My world hasn't been the same since. I've gotten used to checking e-mail and Facebook at a moment's notice. Not to mention, its the only way anybody has any chance of getting a hold of me. After a few conversations with AT&T and their less-than-helpful customer service, I bought a used one off of Craigslist. I've had the "new" one since Friday and I've had more dropped calls in the past 4 days than I've had the past year. VERY ANGRY!!! If cancelling didn't cost more than a new/used iPhone, I would tell AT&T to shove it.

  6. AT&T makes it so hard to like them!!! A major part of this story that I left out is that my parents felt bad for me missing out on the previous upgrades so they tried to buy me a phone for Christmas. And they couldn't do it! It was going to cost more than the cost of the phone just in *fees to a buy a new phone before it was time to upgrade*. WTF? Why would they make it so difficult for people to buy their products??

    Sorry to hear about your iPhone. :( I felt a similar horror when my very first iPod broke (also from me dropping it) and iPods only do one thing. (Or at least they used to. :)) That's so irritating about your replacement...it's the worst ever when you have something you love and the replacement version doesn't come close to living up to it!! :( The cell phone companies definitely have us all at their mercy. Ugh.

  7. I'm so sorry I slammed your pink Motorola, it was obviously a wise choice. I've also kept my phone from 3 years ago and a big part of me is resisting the upgrade. Most people I know have the iphone now but I refuse to get involved in any Apple product, mainly because I believe Forrest Gump is involved with the company.

  8. Never. Trust. Forrest. Gump.

    I feel like the iPhone thing is out of control. Most everyone I know seems to have one, too, and what I find so irritating about them is that the plans to use them are in a totally different tier than plans for other phones! Like, you literally cannot get unlimited data on your iPhone AND it costs more to have a limited amount than it does to have unlimited on another phone. What the fuck.

    Also, in light of what others later said about my phone, what you wrote was a gracious compliment. :D (OH MY GOD THAT WAS FIVE YEARS AGO. We've known each other for so long it sometimes blows my mind.)