Friday, March 25, 2011

To My Brain: Message Received

Last night I dreamt that I lost my car after my Thursday Breakaway run.  I walked all over 38104 trying to find it and then...oh.  There it was.  I'd missed it because it no longer looked like my car.  Someone had torched it, though they'd kindly left my personal belongings behind (all of which, miraculously, were unscathed by the fire).

'At least my phone's still here,' I thought.  'I should call the insurance company and the police.  And maybe my parents...'

My dream self seemed to think that calling my parents was more important than calling anyone else, and thus the stage was set for the rest of the dream:  Becky trying to make a call on her cell phone.

It would lock up, the display wouldn't work, the touchscreen wouldn't register...sometimes strange games or movies would start playing on the screen for no reason and I would have to turn the phone off to get them to stop...sometimes the phone wouldn't turn off...sometimes it wouldn't turn on...  Once, I was actually able to place a call to my mom's cell phone, but the person on the other end wasn't my mom because the phone had dialed a different number than the number I punched in.

Eventually, I wound up walking to my parents' house, which was now located in New York City and a convenient two-minute walk from my car.  Being in New York meant that my brother was there, so the entire family went to look at my car.  None of them seemed too concerned about it.  Then I woke up.

My brain likes to bombard me with overly-simplified symbolism sometimes.  This is what I get for writing, "Why can't I get anything finished?!" in my journal before I went to bed last night.

The night before, I had a dream about Prince William which was so awesome that I woke up feeling happy.  What happened in it?  I have no idea.  What seems like hours of trying and failing to make a phone call is etched in my brain, but give me a good time with royalty and I don't remember a damn thing about it...


  1. EASY!

    For starters, the beginning of your dreams sounds like something i would dream...

    You feel like you are going to loose something really important- probably something in your head or soul, more than likely you are worried someone is going to take it away (like purposly burning your car) whether its your confidence or staminer- anything- The reason your belongings were there is to symbolise that its not something materialistic, its something deeper than that.

    Secondly, you dont trust your phone, or if the meaning goes deeper you dont trust SOMEONE (that, i cant answer you)

    The Prince William dream was a happy, fun, *enjoyable* dream. That is exaclty why you dont remember it!

  2. Well, if that was my dream, thats how i would decifer it! Let me know if it kinda works ;)

  3. HA! :) You're the best at this!! Everything you wrote totally fits into my frame of mind right now. And I think it was significant that all of this happened after Breakaway because I really did go to a Breakaway run the night I dreamt this and, for a variety of reasons, left there feeling a little off-balance about several of things. Without going into specifics, I had a conversation about someone I don't trust, I was offered another opportunity in an arena where I already have too many choices, and on two different fronts, I realized I might be losing things that designate me as unique in that group. No wonder my brain was struggling to process it all!! :)

    And then on top of that, it was one of those weeks where I felt like I was working constantly on a thousand different things but I couldn't ever get a grasp on any one of them...

    As always, thank you for your expert interpretation! :) Now I just need to work on remembering the dreams that *don't* have me waking up feeling frustrated as hell. :D

  4. Dreams are so interesting to me & I have always wished I knew what they mean. Some of mine are so freakin' bizarre, & yet so damn real at the same time. & other times, I don't know I am dreaming & wake up thinking it really happened, like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz.

    This dream of yours is wild & very interesting. I want to hear more of your dreams, woman.

  5. I very rarely remember my dreams, but when I do, I usually wake up already in the middle of trying to decipher where the different parts of them came from. I've always envied people who have really vivid dreams, though...I spend a lot of time in dreams (or at least the ones I remember), thinking about the fact that I'm dreaming. I think I'm too introspective for my own good. :D

  6. I have been wanting for years to learn how to do lucid dreaming, (where you can supposedly control your dreams & dream about whatever you wish to & they are realistic), but still have yet to figure out how. Most likely due to my chronic insomnia, having to take some kind of sleep aid always prevents me from succeeding in that.

    & yeah, you may be on to something there about being too introspective, hence not remembering your dreams in detail. Makes sense to me.

  7. I always wanted to do the lucid dreaming thing, too!! Thinking about the fact that I'm dreaming *while* I'm dreaming is a relatively new occurrence for me, but I'm not sure if that's a step in the right direction or not. You and I may just be doomed to be mediocre dreamers forever...