Friday, April 1, 2011

Slow Week Over Here

But that's because it was a busy week over there.

I missed much of the Love & Other Drugs promotion because the movie came out not long after Kara died and my whole life was in such upheaval at the time.  It wasn't until half of the talk show interviews had already aired that I realized that perhaps - for the sake of my audience - I should have watched them...or, at the very least, known in advance that they were happening.

We're looking at another long break before Jake's next film and who knows where my life will be by the time he's out promoting it.  It's possible that Source Code will be the last movie of his I ever "cover" in any detail.  That goes a long way toward explaining why I didn't mind covering it this week.  And I really didn't mind.  It was borderline fun.

It's weird, though, because even now when I see pictures of Jake taking photos with fans, there's this stubborn flicker of jealousy deep inside of me.  Why them?  Why do they get that when I never did?  And would I react like that if I wasn't still writing the blog?

Probably not.

When we were in Orlando, Sam told me that someone had bitched to her that I only wrote ISJ because I was promoting my book.  "Well, that's true," I told her.

But as we talked more about it, I realized it goes deeper than that.  I also do it because I can.  Because even when I phone it in, even when no one reads what I write, I am really fucking good at mocking Jake Gyllenhaal.

It's a talent that's gotten me nowhere in life.  But it's one I sometimes still enjoy exercising. This week was no exception. 

Thanks for that, Source Code.  And to be brutally honest, Jake could use a hit.  So no matter where things go from here, for me or Jake or the blog or the book, I can say with utter sincerity that on this day that the movie opens, my deepest hope is that it does not suck.


  1. bfd if that's the reason why you revived your Jake blogging! Anybody with a half a brain coulda figgered that one out! You're good at it, and we enjoy it, so it's a win-win-win situation all around! (((B)))

  2. ^^^ Thank you. On all counts!! :)

  3. you ARE really good at jake blogging. mostly because you do not give one fuck about constantly kissing his ass. i like that. in so many fandoms, people are super srsbsns all the time. so annoying. i love your jake blogging, but i enjoy it over here more. /creeper. <3

  4. sumi, I just consider that solid proof that I'm more interesting than Jake is. :) I try not to think about it too much, but sometimes I get angry thinking about the fandom being so messed up, with the writers of the other two major blogs disliking me strongly and fans from all the other sites not talking to one another. It's so stupid. And maybe that's why I give less of a fuck now than I ever did. It occasionally crosses my mind that I could be considered pathetic for still doing it, but then I go back to remembering that everything is stupid, and I stop caring. Maybe I should just say right now that the day I *start* caring is the day I know to hang it up. :)