Thursday, May 5, 2011


On the list of Fast and Furious movies, my preferences rank as thus:

1.  The Fast and the Furious (The original.  It cannot - cannot - be outdone).
2.  Fast and Furious (Film #4, the series reboot.  Why do I not own this?  If you want to send me presents, send me this movie on DVD.)
3.  Fast Five (Good, but not as good as the above.  But the Fast and Furious movies are the sole reason Paul Walker remains relevant in pop culture, so for that alone, this movie was AMAZING.)
4.  2 Fast 2 Furious (Ugh.  What even?  This was watchable only because of the aforementioned dreamboat, Paul Walker.)
5.  Fast and Furious:  Tokyo Drift (I did not see this movie because a lack of both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker means a lack of interest on my part.)

Overall?  Fast Five earned every fucking penny of its highest April opening ever.  It even made me want to watch Tokyo Drift to catch up on what (very little) F&F lore I do not already have committed to memory.

But parts of it sucked.

But everyone should still see this movie.

Did I mention Paul Walker?

(Unfortunately, Vin Diesel only somewhat compensated for The Rock, who should never be in any movies again, ever.)

Three-point-five out of five stars.


  1. i would watch paul walker peel vegetables, if i could. he's that gorgeous.

  2. sumi, let's get married. Because we are clearly soulmates.

  3. I see the words fast and furious and I think Paul walker! I watched a movie called takers with him in it the other day and he still looks as amazing as he did 10 years ago.... Steamy

  4. All of this Paul Walker talk is making me want to have a Paul Walker weekend and watch every movie he's ever been in. It would be the most productive weekend I've had in a while...

    What I love about Paul is that I tend to forget about him between F&F movies and then it hits me all over again. He's like a hidden stash of candy that you'd completely forgotten about and then stumble upon on an otherwise shitty day...

  5. You did mention Paul Walker ;-)

    ...and, well, I don't see it... Sorry!! :-(

    although, I haven't seen any of the F&F's, so maybe I've just missed a gem...?

  6. LETS! and gylls can be the flower girl, while paul walker can be the caterer.

    and jared leto can sing the wedding songs.

    this is an amazing plan, indeed! :D

  7. ^^^ That's the most beautiful image anyone has ever put in my head EVER!! Especially the part about Gylls as the flower girl. :D

    And with that introduction, all I will say, Malin, is that I don't think it's possible to remain immune to the charms of Paul Walker after watching the first Fast and Furious movie. (And on the extreme off chance that doesn't work, try Into the Blue... ;))

  8. Alright, when I get the chance I'll give him a chance to charm me with Into the Blue (cars is just not my thing...)

    And is it OK if I hook up with your wedding singer?!

  9. Ha! Absolutely. :)

    Also, now that I've totally tried to sell him as crush-worthy, I remember why it is that my personal Paul Walker crush disappears between F&F movies: He's engaged to a girl (emphasis on the word "girl") whom he started dating when she was 16 and he was 32 (!). And THAT'S why it's not always a good idea to look into these people and instead just appreciate them from afar on my television screen. :) With that in mind, I hereby vow not to learn anything more about his private life!!

  10. Ew!

    But YAY! for me and the wedding singer! Can't wait!! Is the date set? ;-)

  11. As soon as we can get Jared booked, I'll let you know. ;D

  12. Haha, fabulous :D

  13. I'm glad I'm not alone in this. By "this" I mean despite that fact that we all know the Fast & Furious series has a discernible amount of ridiculousness with all the fast cars and such, that's all kind of irrelevant because it gives women like us an excuse to stare at Paul Walker in all his glorious beauty for 2 hours. Way to be, Becky & fans, way to be!!