Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is NEW and IMPROVED.  It's very exciting, for now if someone Googles my name, I have no reason to be ashamed at the lackluster crap an unsuspecting searcher would find there.

In other would think after doing this blogging thing as long as I have, I'd be immune to most things.  But I have never quite fully inured myself to the sting of indignity that comes when I visit the blog of someone who is doing a mundane job of it - writing about the most common things there are to write about in the most boring way imaginable - and that person is getting INSANE HITS.  Hits that make my jaw drop. 

I.  Do.  Not.  Understand.

And the reason I even bring this up is not because I'm seeking more readers for this blog (everything I write here is a self-indulgence, meaning I'd most likely write it regardless of whether or not this blog existed) but because of something a friend said to me at last Thursday's Breakaway run.  And that's that I could be a faster runner, but what defines me as a runner (and makes me truly unique - some might say "baffling" - among those I run with) is that I'm not competitive at all.

And he's right.  When it comes to running, I'm not competitive.  At all.  I could care less what the person in front of me is doing.  I could care less about catching up to someone.  That doesn't mean I don't notice my slowness or frequently feel self-conscious about it, but whatever spark it would take for me kick it up a notch solely for the pleasure of beating someone else doesn't appear to exist...

It does exist, however, in other aspects of my life.  Which is a big part of the reason why got its long-overdue facelift (as did last week).

Others might be more successful than me, have more readers than me, even have more skill than me...but when it comes to blogging, no one - no one - should ever look better doing it than me.

The end.


  1. Great work PG :)

    And oh how I loved to be able to say I'm not competitive - but I'm competetive with E V E R Y T H I N G! As soon as I start something with all honesty and efford I become so competetive.

    PLUS I only wanna do things if I can do them 1000000% - if not, I don't even start. Which is a real blocking to my life.

    Ahhh well PG, your blog is like therapie to me. You should charge me x)


  2. The funny thing is, I seem to always surround myself with competitive people! I know so many of them...and the older I get, the more of them are winding up as my friends. Weird, huh? (Maybe that's why you and I get along so well. ;))

    And HA!!! Considering my blog is like therapy to me, too, just add that to the list of things we have in common. :)