Friday, June 3, 2011

Cheap Beer of the Month Club (OH MY GOD, I remembered to do it on the right day this time.)

Oh ho, my friends!  It's that time again, the first Friday of the month.  And that can only mean one thing:  It's time for Becky to forget to put up her Cheap Beer of the Month Club entry.

Well.  NOT TODAY.  Today, I am going to not forget to put up my Cheap Beer of the Month Club entry.  And to honor this accomplishment on my part, our Cheap Beer this month will be a Cheap Beer that holds the special-est of special places in the part of my heart reserved for cheap beer.


Gas station or grocery store?  It's the motherfucking CHAMPAGNE OF BEERS.  (Which is to say, you buy it wherever you happen to run across it.)

Price:  $8.49 at Kroger for a 12-pack, so even with tax, you're talking mid-seventy-cent-range per bottle (score!).

Swill quality: It's the motherfucking CHAMPAGNE OF BEERS.  This isn't swill.  This is sustenance for a more fulfilling life.

Packaging/label:  Classy, old-time-y, and rightfully sporting a cowgirl sitting in the moon...or something...whatever, all I know is that the gold on the label matches the gold in the bottle and I like that in a beer.

Shame factor:  Strangely low considering the price.  Purely for experimental purposes, I have admitted my proclivity toward this particular beverage with something akin to hesitation when talking to other beer connoisseurs.  Invariably, I have been stopped mid-apology and reminded that Miller High Life is the (motherfucking) CHAMPAGNE OF BEERS, and thus no apology is needed. 

Overall:  It's cheap, and there are points on the inside of the 12-pack boxes so you can save up and buy merchandise, and it's cheap.  And it pretty much tastes like beer.  One time, someone texted me, "I've got two words for you:  High Life."  And I texted back, "I've got two words in return:  Hell yes."

That about sums it up.


  1. hummm what about "cocktail" of the month blog post??? I really dislike bear - I couldn't drink a glas/bottle of wine if it were to safe my life 0-0"


  2. Cocktails are EXPENSIVE!! That's why it's cheap BEER of the month club. I would love to a see a cocktail you can enjoy for $0.80!

    Maybe one day when we've all moved up a few tax brackets we can enjoy a cocktail of the month club. For now, I appreciate the pointers on cheap beer.

    (that sounds way more harsh than I intended...)

  3. Sasha, your not the only one who cant really drink beer. Most makes my cheeks twitch (yes, yes you read correctly, cheeks twitch) But Becky did teach me that bud light only slightly makes them twitch... drinkable!

    I like champagne so i would like to try this one!

  4. Megan speaks the truth. Cocktails cost too much money!!! :-/

    I'm still very proud of Sam and her Bud Light! (And I definitely think you'd like Miller High Life, Sam, although the irony is that it would probably be fairly expensive for you because it's imported).

    Sasha, you are not alone among my friends for not liking beer, so I understand... It's definitely an acquired taste! But I think even for a non-beer-drinker, this particular beer is pretty good. :)

    (And on the price issue, last night I went to a BYOB party and brought a 12-pack of Bud Light for $10.49. Afterward, I went with a couple of friends to a restaurant where a single margarita cost $10 [!]. Needless to say, I just drank beer at the party and water when we got to the restaurant. :))

  5. Sorry for being a spoiled brat when it comes to drinking 0.0"

    And I think it's just that my body remembers my one and only "blackoutdrinkingnight" and refuses to take beer in for that reason -.-"

    Wow, that's cheap for a margherita - here in germany you pay about 15 $ (if there is no happy hour or something)


  6. Umm, I thought I'd responded to this but, er, apparently not! (Sorry, Sasha!!)

    I just wanted to say: $15?!! Holy crap! I'd be broke just from my alcohol costs alone if I lived in Germany! :D I've seen $15 margaritas here, but only because they're at a REALLY nice restaurant... :) (Happy hour here, you could get, like, two for $5.)

  7. dontcha worry PG :*

    OMG I wanna live in the USA =.="

    2 for 5 bucks??? the cheapest I ever saw was 7,50 bucks at happy hour in cheap places - for 1 cocktail that is ;)