Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Casualty of the Heat

Admittedly, my updates here have been sporadic of late.  But what hasn't been sporadic is my composition of blog entries.  I have four just from this month that I wrote and didn't - for whatever reason - publish.  

I'm weird.

Because it's hot today, I thought I'd go ahead and post my entry about the heat, which I wrote June 7, and then left to languish in draft form...

I've been walking around for the last week saying to anyone who will listen, "It's too early to be this hot!"  'Cause it is fucking HOT.

And then yesterday I had this thought that it would be a fun blog entry to go back to my journal from last year and post whatever I'd written about this week in June.  You know what I wrote in my journal?  "It's fucking HOT already."

So there you go.  Not only had I forgotten it was this hot this early this time last year, but that lapse in memory somehow made my current complaining seem slightly irrelevant.


After my tribute to my stellar goldfish, I bought two replacements, for I live by the goldfish-owner's adage, "Thou shalt buy two feeder fish for one shall perish soon after ye take him home."

Well, neither of my fish perished.  They were very happy together and had a jolly good time in their bowl.

But then yesterday one of them died. :(

I blame the heat.

Next year when I start to complain about the heat I hope I will look back on this and remind myself that it's okay to complain when it's so hot your pets start dying.


  1. I'm halfway lol-ing about the heat thing and half way feeling sorry for your fish died. That's being weird x)

    I'm so happy it was rather cold to okay-warm all the time - only this monday thru to yesterday it was hot, REALLY hot.

    I'm gonna move to Alaska one day x)


  2. HA! Alaska is sounding pretty inviting about now. :) Actually, it wasn't nearly as hot yesterday as its supposed to be over the weekend...which has me not really looking forward to the weekend weather! I thought my other fish was going to die earlier this week, but it seems to have perked up. I put its bowl in front of the air conditioner for a while yesterday and I think that helped!! :)

  3. Yeah, Alaska sure is - to me it's always like: you can wear yourself against the cold, but once you naked you can't do anything really against heat. (Hope it makes sense to you)

    Awww how nice of you - what we learned is: next time you buy fishies and it turns hot outside, put their bowl in front of the A/C RIGHT AWAY ;)


  4. YES! Fish apparently appreciate the a/c just as much as we humans do... :)

    And I get exactly what you mean about being able to always add another layer in the cold but not being able to do the same in reverse in the heat! I still prefer the heat to the cold, but there is definitely a point at which the heat is just too uncomfortable - especially in my stupidly hot apartment. (And feel free remind me of how much I complained about all this when winter comes and I won't shut up about the cold. Ha! ;))

  5. I guess that goes for every living being - erm if it is used to, let's say, moderate temperature 0.0

    phew! Sometimes I really don't know how to phrase smth -.-
    I'm so happy with this year so far - besides very few very hot days - all moderate and nice :)
    AND I sure will remind you in winter about this - especially when you tell me you froze your fish in it's bowl o.0"


  6. HA!! Sasha, you crack me up! Dear Lord, my poor fish. Considering the complete lack of insulation in this apartment, it's entirely possible I *will* freeze a fish or two this winter. :)

  7. i'm not sure if I find the affirmation of a possible frozen fish OR the smiley worse x)