Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Can Count to Ten!

I wrote lots of books when I was a kid, my personal favorite being one about a boy named Peter who covets the black ink bottle of his friend Andy (what the hell) that I wrote and illustrated in second grade.

Unfortunately, there's no date on the book below, but I'm almost positive it's my first, and the consensus is that I was 4 or 5 at the time.  I wrote it on the back of draft pages of my dad's dissertation and though clearly I could neither spell, nor count (check out the number five), nor distinguish between the letters "n" and "u," the graphic layout of the inner cover makes me swell with pride to this day.  What spacing!

I have no idea why I'm posting this, but here is I Can Count to Ten, by Becky (backwards J) Jane Heineke:

front cover:
inner cover:

loose inner pages:


  1. 8 Skys and 10 Harts are my favourites!

    Well done! This is super super cute!!

  2. Amazingly cute PG...

    and dontcha worry about the oranges, you showed us Mama Orange with her 5 kids ;) (look the first one is bigger than the other 5)


  3. So sweet! Such a gem. I love it : )

  4. I have such affection for that little girl who decided to count 8 skys... :)

    Sasha, I LOVE your explanation for the six oranges!! I'm going to just assume that's *exactly* what my tiny self was thinking. ;D

  5. beautiful!!

    my personal favorite is "eight skys". :-)