Sunday, August 21, 2011

I tied my personal best, so go me.

I am sicker than a fucking DOG right now.  Woke up, felt like shit, contemplated whether I should even get out of bed... up anyway.  Ran a relatively decent 5k.  Drank four beers before noon.  Left to a chorus of people telling me to come back because "alcohol kills germs" and I had obviously just "sweated the illness out of me."

God, I love Breakaway...


  1. Well done, how did it go? Did it kill the germs? I should probably get me some!

    Hope you feel better sooooooon!!!!

  2. Wait, get some germs?!

    I do feel better, thanks!!! :) Not exactly myself yet, but it helped that running (and drinking) early in the day left me unable to do much but lay on the couch all yesterday afternoon. :) It was a fun race, too!! It went a lot better than I thought it might considering how I felt. (Or maybe that's just the beer I had afterward talking. :))

  3. no i meant get some beer, kill some of my germs!!

  4. HAHA!! That makes so much more sense. I totally misread that! :)

  5. ahahahahaa....... reading this comment section is like a talk between me and my friends every now and again........ :D love it