Sunday, August 7, 2011

Personally, I never thought Mick's moves were all that sexy.

But Adam Levine can move for me any way he wants to, baby.

I've been going back through my MySpace blog, culling stuff (as I have been for a while), and I noticed something:  while writing that blog, I had an observable pattern of posting old e-mails or chunks from Word documents when I happened to be particularly deep into a writing project offline.  Apparently writing things that aren't blog-oriented makes me nostalgic.

And I have been listening to "Moves Like Jagger" nonstop all weekend...

No surprise then that after writing quite a bit lately in a non-blog-oriented way, I'm going to post something from a Word document right now, and it's related to Maroon 5.  From "Summer Music 2003":

July 26, 2003:  Kill Hannah, Maroon 5, Everclear

With Kara and Jordan.  It was the first Saturday after the storm and we almost didn’t go.  But after seeing Pirates of the Caribbean a second time, we were pumped. :)  I hadn’t showered or changed clothes in two days so I’m sure I looked wonderful.  We sat next to the Buzz tent and I blatantly stared at a very attractive guy hanging out over there.  Watching him sign an autograph, I realized that he was in Maroon 5.  In fact, he’s the lead singer.  He saw me staring at him and looked over at me a second time later.  He then left and from where I was sitting, I could kind of see backstage.  I happened to look over at one point and he was down there, looking right back at me.  The band was good, but…  As much as I love “Harder to Breathe” (and god do I love it), it sounds nothing like their other work.  Good, but not my cup of tea.  We only stayed to hear Everclear’s first song.  Kill Hannah wasn’t bad, but I missed most of their set trading glances with my Maroon 5 man.

IT WAS ADAM FUCKING LEVINE. And Maroon 5 is now one of my all-time favorite bands and every single song I heard that night (that "wasn't my cup of tea") I know every word to.  I was 21, they weren't yet famous, and Adam Levine was fucking staring at me across a sea of people in the hot Memphis summer.

Bragging rights FOR LIFE on that one.

(Because I'm choosing to believe he was watching me because he was intrigued, and not because I was gross for having not showered in two days.  A devastating storm came through Memphis on July 22, 2003, which means I was four days into an eight-day stint without electricity at the time of this concert.)


  1. OH my god... I'm not sure which story you have more bragging rights to, this one or meeting JRM! So jealous! I think your blog would have had so much more impact if you included this picture,r:8,s:0&tx=70&ty=60&biw=1386&bih=629

    But thats just my opinion!! ;)

    p.s. i love that song too!

  2. OH THAT PICTURE!!! There aren't words for that picture. It's, like, God's gift to the female of the species...

    Truth be told, I got distracted last night looking for the official "Moves Like Jagger" video, which was apparently only released today, and thus did not illustrate this as well as I should have. I STILL maintain that Mick does not have any moves I'm interested in, but my God. The more time that goes by, the more Adam Levine owns my soul. I have another story where he played at the "Welcome Back" concert at my college my senior year, a month or so after this incident, and he and I shared an *intense* moment during "Harder to Breathe"...but looking back on it, all I can think is how STUPID I was not to walk up to him after one of those two shows.

    Adam Levine, I LOVE YOU.

  3. Video is up, im sure you have seen it. Adam should make all Maroon 5 videos shirtless. That is all.

  4. Agreed.

    (Wouldn't the world be such a better place if you and I were allowed to make all the decision?!!)