Monday, November 7, 2011

Writing Hangovers

Book #2 went off to a friend a week or so ago for the very first read-through.  There's absolutely no time scale on her getting it back to me...she can take all the time she needs.  I need the break as much as the book needs her input.

But as with anything that is a major part of your life, when you suddenly remove it from the equation, there are consequences.  For me, ending a blog, sending a book to an editor, and definitely finishing a book all result in what I like to call a "writing hangover."  Much like an actual hangover, it is characterized by initial happiness at what a good time was had followed by days of growing concerns over all those bits and pieces you're suddenly remembering.  With all the feelings of anxiety, you'll probably not want to start writing again right away...but after the numbness wears off, you're ready to go.  Maybe not as big or as deep to start out, but you're ready for something.  Hit me, baby, one more time.

The creative process is bizarre, erratic, ephemeral, and addictive.  I don't think I have ever looked back over artwork or writing that I did when I was younger than I am now and not thought that I "used to be so much better." 

I really don't know how much work I'm looking at with this second book, but this isn't stopping me from thinking ahead to the third (and fourth and fifth...).  The running world is providing me with ample fodder for a soap opera of epic proportions, but I'm not sure I'm yet skilled enough as a storyteller to shape that particular saga in the way it deserves to be shaped.

Do I start playing with it anyway?  Do I save myself the frustration and work with something smaller?  I'm ready to get drunk again, I just can't figure out which words I want to overindulge with...


  1. hehe you know, I thought I shall write a book ... but the subject kinda was too huge and too heavy on my heart ... so now with your "hangover" post (as well as your mentions of daries and all in previous posts (geeez I need to be carefull to not post a blog here)) you actually gave me the idea of writing a diary about how I became unemployed, what I did and how it was to get back to work and all ... you know something like "you can fall but there will be a chance to rise" - being well dramatic here *ggg*


  2. That, to me, sounds like an EXCELLENT book! It's actually like the book I just wrote, except in reverse. The one I'm trying to finish up is all about having a job and then slowly becoming disillusioned with employment when it's not fulfilling...

    Except I end with losing that job, so, er, in some ways maybe it's not the same book in reverse, but literally the same book. Ha! :)

  3. HA! we could make a contest out of it - tho you are a bit ahead of me for the fact that are already an author - "Who sells more books of the same context?"
    Or "Which continent is more depressed about the working environment?"

    I'm always impressed how we keep finding ourselfs on the same page *ggg*


  4. Pretty much always! :)

    I honestly don't know who would win if we tried to see which continent was more depressed. ACK! (Ha!!)