Saturday, December 31, 2011

And on a more personal note...

I re-read my daily journal for 2011 yesterday, an indulgence which left me reeling with memories of a year that was excessively eventful and yet nominally didn't appear to move me forward all that much.

There were, however, two obvious and predominant themes for me in 2011:  Fireball shots and Ole Miss grads.  I spent a lot of time hanging out in bars with both...and they proved to have an unparalleled ability to make me feel like shit...

(I think there's a life lesson somewhere in there, but whatever it is, I don't think I've learned it yet.  Maybe I will in 2012.)

Books read in 2011:  31 (that's the number finished; this year I implemented a rule that it was okay to walk away from a book if it sucked, and a fair number of them do)

Movies seen in the theater:  34 (goal for 2012:  finish more books than movies)

Miles run:  792 (not bad for someone who'd never previously cracked 500 in a year)

Blogs written:  170 (more than I would have guessed)

Here's to 2012, and the hope that it treats each and every one of you well.



  1. Happy New Year Becky :) Im very impressed with your number of books read. I even have a kindle and I still find the second I look at it i just want to sleep... so annoying!

  2. Thank you, Sam! And Happy New Year to you, too!!! I was thinking the number of books was kinda low considering how much I read this year, but then I thought about all the books I started and then didn't finish (which I'm guessing would have put me over 50). Even at that, though, I haven't gotten back to the glory days of my youth, when I'd burn through books LIKE CRAZY.

    If you find anything super-awesome to read, let me know...and I'll do likewise! (We need something that won't put you to sleep!! :))

  3. Its not even boring books, its just like the moment i get to relax and my body goes "sweet- bed time!" annoying!