Monday, December 12, 2011

Capitalism at its Finest

Let's say that one time, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, you did some work for someone.  You got paid half midway through the job and the second half was supposed to come when the job was done.  But you never got the second half.

And say that when you asked about the second half, you were told that there was an issue with your address and that as soon as you provided correct mailing information, the check would be on its way.

And say that after you provided that mailing information, you were told that, oops, the payer didn't actually have the money, but soon would have the money, and, at that time, the check would be mailed.

Say six months passes and you've lost all hope of seeing that money, but purely on principle, you again ask about your check.  And you are again told that there must have been an issue with the mail.  And you are again asked to provide your address.  And when you do, you are again told that, oops, JUST KIDDING there's no money to pay you.

But when there is, the check will be on its way.

I'm never going to get paid, am I?  Son of a fucking bitch.


  1. some people really have nerves.... geeez - I'd like to punch him, together with some people in my life (work related)....

    what about a deal: I come to you to slap someone and you come over here xD


  2. Hahaha! Deal! We can kick ass for each other. :)

  3. ohhh that SUCKS Add them to the black list!!

  4. DONE. I sent a complain-y e-mail earlier this week. I figure if I'm not going to get my money one way or the other, I might as well not bother acting like I'm not irritated about the situation!

  5. Is this regarding a certain dorm/residence hall rating website?