Thursday, December 29, 2011


Three hours.  Nine courses.  I can honestly say it was a culinary experience that so far surpassed any other I've ever had that I'm at a loss to describe it.  I ate fried shrimp heads for God's sake.

As my mother said as we put on our coats to leave, "I knew you could do that with booze, but I didn't know you could do it with food."

Tonight, the Heinekes and John's friend Mickey ate at Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen.  It was an experience, and one that, done in the presence of four foodies, made me realize how woefully uneducated I am when it comes to dining.

And that I'm okay with that.  I live a life rich with true connoisseurs, and I let their expertise and studious enjoyment carry me through that which I do not always understand myself.  But even a mac 'n' cheese junkie like me knows an exceptional meal when she eats it.

My God, I am full. 

And now I'm going to go sleep for about a thousand hours...


  1. You have had vegimite, not everyone can say that!

  2. SO TRUE. Actually, 2011 was a pretty damn good year for me in terms of trying new things food-wise...