Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I swear I'm going to work on my book...

...but just one more thing!

I've been dealing with some negative emotional energy the past week or so, partly because I had kind of a rough start to the new year and partly because it's been distressingly dark lately.  Not rainy, just dark, in the miserable way that winter can be.  This afternoon, though, it finally started raining.

There's something so inherently soothing about the sound of rain.  I have the window in my bedroom propped open (it's almost 60 degrees outside) and I was zoning out a few minutes ago, just listening.  For half a second, with the rain and window open, I could almost believe it was spring...

And it reminded me of that time when I was living in Ireland and deep in the middle of a horrifically cold and dreary February afternoon, I paused in my bedroom, heard a wonderfully welcome sound, and went squealing through the house, "I can hear frogs!  Spring is coming!"

And all of my housemates converged in my room, where I threw open the window and then hushed everyone and told them to "Listen!"  And we all listened.

But it wasn't frogs I was hearing. 

It was a car alarm.

Winter is terrible.


  1. LOL, just LOL xD


  2. :D

    I REALLY, REALLY wanted it to be frogs!!!!

  3. We had rain for the first time yeseterday since May!! Its a bit different though, for months now we have no clouds but himidity and the smell of rain it makes you think its going to pour any minute and NO rain!

    And of course i have an outdoor adventure planned today. Its cloudy but no rain in the past hour so fingers crossed it holds out for today!

    Now, get back to your book ;)

  4. I was so productive today!!! I just had to share that because I was quite proud of myself (especially after the abysmal progress I made this weekend...seriously, where did my motivation go over the weekend?!).

    Anyway! Speaking of crazy weather, today it is 65 and windy, which is totally spring weather, BUT tomorrow it's supposed to drop all day and be below freezing by tomorrow night. :( Dammit.

    I hope the weather held off for you, Sam!!! That sounds absolutely miserable to be teased with the smell of rain...I'm so glad you finally got some! (That's an INSANE dry spell, by the way!!!!) And I know you're suffering in the heat right now, but your Facebook updates do make me a little jealous. I'll take heat over cold any day. :)

  5. Cute book I picked up and thought I'd share with you - The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. A friend recommended it to me so I'm passing it along to a few people. :)