Friday, February 17, 2012

Crazily enough...

...I have always hated the way this blog looked.  Hated it!  I just threw it all together last minute in a generic Blogger template and BLAH that was a terrible idea.

I was trying to think up a fun theme so that I could redo the whole blog, but despite the fact that I put far more thought into it than anyone should ever put into a blog template, I came up empty.  (I was probably thinking about it too hard.)

For the time being, then, we are switching to whatever this look is (just for a change), and when the day strikes (and OH, I HAVE FAITH IT WILL) that I am again bestowed with the gift of inspiration, I'll give this blog the facelift it truly deserves.

Until then, keep calm and carry on and all that...


  1. this looks is soooooo 70s ...... but I like it as far as it looks much more friendly and "fun". ummm does it make sense??? O.O Don't want to sound like the old one was not friendly but.... oh geez, I just shut up :-X


  2. No, you're exactly right! It wasn't friendly! It was way too harsh and dark for the type of blog this is.

    This isn't quite right, either, but at least it's more welcoming. :) I'll figure it out eventually...

  3. Really? You didn't like it? Huh. I had no problem with it ;) But I like this one as well.

    I don't come here for the template, you know! :D

  4. I like it :) but i liked the other one too. Wow, that was such a comment my husband would say about my new hairstyle or something lol

  5. HAHA, Sam and Malin! Glad that I wasn't offending either of you with the other template...and that I haven't driven you away with this one! :D