Monday, February 6, 2012

Flashback: Boston 2008

From MySpace, April 21, 2008:

The Boston Marathon is today.  When I heard it mentioned on NPR this morning, I turned up the volume and risked being a little late to work so I could sit in my car and listen to the blurb.

Not that I have any ties to the Boston Marathon (or likely ever will), but it's an incredibly big deal in the running world and I feel a weird (unearned) sense of camaraderie with the tens of thousands of people who are running as I write this.

Yes, I am excited that today is the Boston Marathon for no other reason than it is happening and I am aware of it.  I'm turning into a running nerd.

In related news, Megan and I ran the Youth Villages 5k on Saturday and finished in just over 35 minutes (Megan slightly faster than me), putting us at a pace under 11:30 per mile.  11:30 per mile wouldn't exactly qualify us for Boston, but I think any time a person runs for 35 minutes straight without stopping, it's an accomplishment.  At least it is if that person is me. 

I can't believe that this time last year we were so into walking.


Never say never.

Here in 2012, I'm pretty sure I know at least a handful of people who were running the Boston Marathon that day.

I ran another race this weekend, and I did it in 35 minutes.  It wasn't a 5k, though.  It was a 4-miler.

I've never run a sub-9-minute pace in a race before, but Saturday, I ran four 8:45 miles.  Let me tell you...the person who wrote, with pride, above about her 11:30 pace, would never, ever have even dared to imagine she could run an 8:45 mile.

And you know what?  Someone kind of mocked me for being slow after the race.  And even though I kind of wanted to slug him in his smug face, I understand - deeply - that for a hell of a lot of people, 8:45 is still really fucking slow.

But I am not one of those people, and it was an accomplishment for me.  And every once in a while, it is extraordinarily nice to be given the reminder that you are capable of more than you give yourself credit for...

AND it was raining!  God, I'm hardcore...


  1. Way to go PG :) The most important is to beat yourself every now and again to learn what you are capable of.

    Be proud of you.

    And on another hand: There is always someone on this planet who is better at it - and that goes for everyone, no matter how good they are. You know a thing that is once accomplished can be beaten - otherwise mankind wouldn't be where we are with many things. And all the world records - they are a steady sign. You know these times professional runners run today, people used to think it is impossible to run that fast.

    I myself was never one about running faster but longer. When I started it - and you know I lovehate running, and we will never be lovers - I was happy when for the first time I could run 5 min and then 15 and 30 ... and geeez was I proud of myself when I did the first complete hour, rewarded with a runnershigh xD That'S nothing for you - but it meant a lot to me back then.

    And on the other hand it tells me: I did that once, I can do it again. I only need to fight and finally win over my weak inner self :(


  2. That was really beautifully put, Sasha. And so true. Greatness is as fleeting as our own lives, and there will always, always be someone better.

    I've been in a rut lately; after the marathon, I didn't have anything that I was working toward and I didn't see myself getting any "better." In fact, I went into the race on Saturday convinced that I wasn't going to do as well as I did last year, and that bothered me. When I heard the time called out at the first mile, though, and realized that I was on pace to beat last year's time after all, I could barely believe it. And I think it was he unexpectedness of it that made it all the sweeter. :)

    As for you, you CAN do it again. Not only that, it will be EASIER for you to get back to where you were because you already know you've done in the past and, with running especially, half the battle is getting over your own mental hurdles!! I'm always here as your cheerleader, should you need one! :D

  3. Exactly, PG :)

    That is a nice story and a sweet surprise for you. I'm sure it made it sweeter because you didn't a) expect it nor b) did you thing you would.

    Thank you PG :) I know I can count on you.


  4. Very true, Sasha! :)

    And keep us informed! I know you keep talking about it, so I'm going to keep encouraging you. :D

  5. I feel ashamed now O.O geeez when have I become a talker from being a maker/doer (ummm what'S the right word) ............... #criesariver


  6. oh my.............. don't ask me why, but I just saw that I aready said I need to get back on the sporting track last year in october (or maybe even earlier???) ......... I'm feeling worse every day :-/


  7. Not sure you even going to read this, my very own Cheerleader ;)

    1. New sports clothes are in the postal station to be picked up
    2. New fitness center is also picked. Contract not yet signed tho. Depends a little on the job interview next week - things is that the only possible way to use this one is, to be either unemployed or part time worker.
    3. New shoes found on ebay, need to wait one more week before buying - ummm end of money but still some month to go problem occured O.O

    Sooooo, I guess I can be a very little proud of myself for getting into the right direction


  8. I read everything, Sasha! AND YESSSS!!!! GOOD FOR YOU!! That's a HUGE step in the right direction right there! Getting started is half the battle. I'm very proud of you. :D

  9. Ha! Good to know ;)

    Thank you for your kind words. Will keep you updated on the progress :D