Saturday, March 10, 2012

And on the complete opposite end of the musical spectrum...

What the hell ever happened to Alanis Morissette?

(Yeah.  I've been going through my iTunes library.  When I was a freshman in college, a) it was the year 2000, b) I had access to an ethernet internet connection for the first time in my life, and c) Napster was still legal.  As a result, my iTunes collection holds vast and unknown depths of late-nineties/early-aughts music.  VH1 did a "top 100 songs of the nineties" countdown a couple of years back and I'm still not sure how to feel about the fact that I was able to recreate over half of the list in iTunes with my existing library, despite having forgotten that I had downloaded most of the songs in the first place.)

(Dear Lord, I just Googled Alanis Morissette and she did recently release a song...on the Prince of Persia soundtrack.)

(If you were here earlier today, you may have noticed that this blog looked very different for a few hours this morning.  I redid everything.  And then I put it all back.  I would imagine this will not be the first - or the last - time that I do this.)


  1. Aww, Alanis! The nostalgia. :)

    I MISS YOU!! As always, I owe you a long-ass e-mail! Will get my act together one of these days, promise! *hugs*

  2. Wow yeh, i still no every word to that song! Would love to get my hands on that music collection- thats the best type of music ever. And thats reminded me.. you still need to someone send me the photos from our trip! You got mine but i never got yours!!

    POP soundtrack.. hahaha... watched that movie again the other day (it was pretty shiate!)

  3. She is out trying to round up the dogs. They must have taken her clothes with them when they were let out by uh..... did we ever figure out WHO LET THE DOGS OUT???

  4. ^^^ We HAVE NOT. It is the greatest mystery of our time!

    I don't think it was Alanis, though. I'm such a kick right now...I listened to Jagged Little Pill about seventeen million times this weekend. Such a good album...

    Jess, I miss you, too!!! I look forward to not only the e-mail, but also the day when *I* get *my* act together and write you one!! It's been WAY too long. :-/

    Sam, HOLY CRAP, I cannot even believe I never did that. ACK! I just tried to send them to you in a zip file, but it was too big, even for yousendit and sites like that. I may have to mail you a CD...or maybe I'll see you in a few months and I can give it to you then! You're really not missing much (I don't have many and they're pretty lame - especially in comparison to yours), but I'll work on getting them to you. :)

    (And I totally YouTubed the PoP Alanis song and was like...yeeeaah. I remember that song now. It's not a bad song by any stretch, but I do now strongly associate it with the utter lameness of that movie, and that kinda ruined it for me...)

  5. Sam, please disregard second-to-last paragraph above and check your e-mail. I'm either a technological genius didn't work. :)

  6. Thanks! Got them! :)

  7. Cant wait to go through them all! xx