Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Becky's Unsolicited Movie Reviews: The Artist

Thoughts on Jean Dujardin:

On the film's emotional climax:

On the general plot progression:

On the hype about the dog:


On the entertainment value of watching a silent movie in 2012:

On the worthiness of a Best Picture win:

On the film as a whole:


  1. LOL ...

    I take that as a "no, not worth my time"


  2. No, no, the exact opposite! I truly enjoyed it!! :)

  3. the blessings of a silent movie - or how to read facial expressions properly *ggg*

    guess that's why all my job interviews are a disaster o.0


  4. Ha! Upon thinking about it, knowing what emotion *I* was thinking about when looking at those pictures does not necessarily translate into *other people* knowing those same emotions. :)

  5. had a look at these pics again - and I think my very own and very intense sarcasm let me to a false interpretation...

    but still I have to say: No, I won't watch it ... I never liked silent movies - not even those charlie chaplin ones.


  6. Well i cant really comment because I havnt seen it, but i did watch My Week With Marilyn a few nights ago and I felt cheated for them that they didnt win anything. She should have won Best Actress thats for sure.... Your blog was very entertaining but you'd have to give me more reasons to sit down and watch The Artist i think...

  7. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but rumor has it that Jake's next film might be a silent one (no, really; I'm not making this up).

    I think both of your reactions are much more in line with the general reaction from people in our generation. I actually don't know anyone else our age who was even remotely interested in seeing this movie. I'd never seen a silent film before and maybe more than anything else, I was simply curious to see if something without dialogue could hold my attention for two hours (being such a word-oriented person, that seemed a tall task).

    So I kind of went into it not knowing what to expect. My only issue was with the plot being pretty depressing overall. From the previews, I was expecting a more happy-through-and-through movie, but it wasn't. But it was still a very good story and it was astonishing, really, how quickly the time flew by, even without any words. It was extremely enjoyable...BUT I also went into it completely open-minded, and I can definitely see how those two hours could drag by if you didn't get sucked in in the first few minutes. (And if you're not into the silent thing at all, I don't know that the story would catch you early enough to carry you through the rest of it.)

    Sam, I saw My Week with Marilyn a few weeks ago and never got around to reviewing it! I agree that Michelle was incredible in that role. Haven't see The Iron Lady yet - and I have no doubt at all that Meryl is her usual impeccable self in it - but Michelle did give an Oscar-worthy performance as Marilyn.

    Lots of good movies out right now. :)