Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Inexplicable Moments in Human History

What the HELL was with "Who Let the Dogs Out"?

Why was this ever a thing?  


  1. Not a thing in my book xD I hated it from the get-go.


    P.S. Bad news on the sport-subject: My spine really didn't like the idea, so now it's back to spine gymnastics/training ... I SO HATE MY LIFE

  2. :( I'm really sorry to hear that, Sasha. :-/

  3. The song won a grammy in 2001 for best dance recording, and in 2007 Rolling Stone ranked it 3rd on the top 20 list of most annoying songs. So, is it the song that's annoying, or people dancing to it?? Or, maybe the song makes people want to dance, but they become annoyed because they are the type that won't let themselves dance. Maybe the combination of the beat of the song and the thought of dogs running free was exciting to folks because they wanted to run free themselves. And what did the dogs do while they were out??? That's what I really want to know! I sure hope they got to have some fun!

  4. ^^^ That, right there, is the most comprehensive and thoughtful analysis of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" I've ever read, and likely ever WILL read. SO MANY QUESTIONS. And questions that, let's be honest with ourselves, we may never know the answer to. Upon hearing to it the other day, I realized that I'd never personally sat down and listened - really listened - to the lyrics. Would a greatest grasp of the subject matter aid me in enjoying this song? I'm not sure...I'm not sure I'm willing to go there...