Monday, April 2, 2012

July 16, 2007

"Er, we have 'statuses' now on MySpace? I go away and this is what I come back to? MySpace stealing ideas from Facebook? What fucked up kind of crazy world is the internet becoming? I look forward to the day when Facebook is replaced by whatever inevitably-better social networking platform is going to replace it."

Nice one, Becky of 2007. 

Unfortunately, this post stands in stark contrast to my assertion in the previous entry that I am psychic.  I guess I will need a larger sample size before I determine whether or not I do, indeed, possess the ability to peer into the future.  (Although, in fairness, my premonition in the previous entry didn't come true either, so, er...)


  1. LOL!

    Maybe the psychic abilities are limited to certain areas of life? And also, all good reasearch have fault marginals - maybe that's what you're experiencing?

  2. HAHA!! I like that way of thinking! I'm *sure* it's a flaw in my research methods and not any genuine indication that I don't have psychic powers (denying such a thing would just be ridiculous :D)!

  3. hehe, maybe you shouldn't have said it out loud ;) like when you blow the candles out on your b-day cake and make a wish.................. x)

    I sometimes wonder if I'm psychic, too. I had a good handful of moments where I was 100% sure that I was at that place (f.e.) before, but knew for fact I have never been --- like when I had that job some years ago, and I never been at that place, but there were 2-3 moments/happenings when it felt like a deja-vu, which was for fact impossible.

    The only explanation, for situation like this, I have is that I must've dreamt it before.

    *shrugs* Now if only some "special" of my dreams would come true, they were ACE!!!


    1. (Maybe one day I will consistently remember to comment underneath other comments instead of starting a new thread...but old habits die hard. :D)

      Maybe you're right, and I've been jinxing myself by announcing my "visions" all that time! Ha!!

      Deja-vu is one of the strangest things in the world to experience. The few times it's happened to me, though, I've been somewhere I'd been before... So maybe you're more psychic than I am! :D And if you ever figure out how to make your best dreams happen in real life, LET ME KNOW. I'd be all over that!!