Thursday, June 7, 2012

Goes to R-Rated Movie; Gets Carded!

My three favorite things about 21 Jump Street:

1.  I got carded when I bought my ticket.  Score!

2.  Channing Tatum was even funnier than he was in She's the Man.  Score!

3.  The youngest Franco brother showed up and...he does MOVIES?!  Score!

One of the most genuinely funny, laugh-out-loud films I have seen in a very, very long time.

(Ugh, but then there was a bunch of blood and graphic violence at the end; IT WAS ALMOST PERFECT.)

(But mostly there were three things mentioned above.  Score!)


  1. So how dense am I?? When I saw Dave Franco in the last (and worst) season of Scrubs, I (obviously not knowing his name) kept thinking, "Dude, this kid is really channeling James Franco!" Little did I know they are brothers - hah!

    - Megan

  2. Hahahaa! I love it! (I didn't even know he was on Scrubs!) I kind of did the same thing when he showed up in the movie...I knew he looked super-familiar, but it wasn't until I thought, 'Wow, he looks like James Franco,' that I remembered that James does, indeed, have a younger brother, and that that was definitely him. And then I came home and Googled him and discovered there is a THIRD Franco brother (in between the other two), who is just as gorgeous and talented, but not an actor.

    (Also, it is a true sign of my age that when Googling Dave, I did not think, 'I would like to procure this person for my very own,' but rather, 'Anyone that gorgeous is probably not going to commit to one woman. Best to admire from afar.' I'm not 100% grounded yet, but I've traveled quite a distance toward becoming "realistic" in recent years...such mixed feelings about that... :))

  3. Ohh I so want to see this I missed it at the movies! I <3 Channing. Becky I'm curious what do you think of my fellow Australian Chris Hemsworth AKA thor?

  4. You will love this, Sam!! Definitely worth a rental for you. :D

    Um, yeah, add the Hemsworth brothers to the Franco brothers in terms of FAMILIES I LIKE A LOT. I think he's beautiful...but is he the one that's engaged to Miley??? Or is that another one?? I can't abide by this marriage, so I'm hoping it's not Thor she's tying the knot with, but one of the other brothers. :-/