Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So, I guess Maroon 5's album already came out?  Where have I been?  In the last entry, I was getting all geared up for it and then I found out today I could already buy it.  Huh.

The way I feel about Maroon 5 is thus:

Their first album was a masterpiece.

Their second album was a little terrible. 

Their third album was even more brilliant than the first for about the first two-thirds, and then it kind of went downhill.

I have only gotten through one full listen of Overexposed so far - and granted these things often do grow on me; case in point, the first time I saw Maroon 5 live, I was completely unimpressed and wouldn't have believed it for a second had someone told me that nine years later they'd be one of my favorite bands - but my initial feeling right now is that Maroon 5 albums alternate between being awesome and being not... 

And we're on an off number with this one. :(

(On the upside, the only mainstream modern band I'm more devoted to than Maroon 5 is Green Day...and Uno is out September 25!!)

EDIT:  Holy crap!  There's an honest-to-god Matchbox Twenty album on the way too!  The music industry is really going out of its way to cater to me all the sudden...

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