Sunday, August 26, 2012

85 Things That I Hated in 2006

(From a handwritten list, titled "Things I Don't Like [no order]," dated 2006.  I was twenty-four...and a brat.  Punctuation and parentheses original.)

1.  Republicans
2.  The Pussycat Dolls
3.  Friends
4.  Julia Roberts
5.  Brangelina (word and entity)
6.  being bored
7.  The Lion King
8.  religious proselytizing
9.  waking up in the morning
10.  Mariah Carey!!
11.  J. Lo movies (shudder)
12.  The Dave Matthews Band
13.  George W. Bush
14.  those "W:  The President" stickers
15.  writing on people's Facebook and MySpace pages and not getting a reply
16.  American Idol (though I can't deny my affection for Kelly Clarkson)
17.  making phone calls at work
18.  corruption in corporate America
19.  the movie Crash
20.  most '80s music
21.  acne
22.  being called "weird"
23.  spending money on non-fun things
24.  being the object of an unwanted and unsolicited crush
25.  heartburn
26.  "lol"
27.  compliance departments
28.  snot
29.  ER promos
30.  Donald Trump
31.  Texas state pride (too much!)
32.  making my lunch
33.  people who hate cats
34.  people who mistake their dogs for children
35.  paparazzi
36.  Rush Limbaugh
37.  pronouncing coupon "coo-pon"
38.  feeling lonely
39.  most McDonald's ads
40.  Yoko Ono
41.  nausea
42.  ringworm
43.  being called "honey" by someone who isn't a loved one
44.  "springing forward" time-wise
45.  liars
46.  humid days (for hair purposes)
47.  gore in movies
48.  my overbite
49.  not knowing what I was to "be" when I "grow up"
50.  growing up
51.  people who irrationally hate/fear/kill snakes
52.  going up a jean size
53.  dry lips
54.  jazz
55.  The Simple Life!!!
56.  pain in my neck
57.  going to the gynecologist
58.  having to wait on people
59.  dress codes
60.  buying gasoline (too expensive!)
61.  much of classical literature
62.  reading out loud
63.  public speaking
64.  snoring!
65.  gum that gets rock hard after you chew it a while
66.  feeling inferior
67.  tornado sirens
68.  lack of turn signal use
69.  guns
70.  war
71.  gory horror movies
72.  morning breath
73.  stubbing my toe
74.  dogs barking at night
75.  feeling powerless
76.  Ryan Seacrest
77.  cold feet
78.  indecisiveness
79.  not being able to see a movie because my friends are LAME!
80.  songs stuck in my head
81.  people not coming through
82.  Starbucks
83.  long commercial breaks
84.  the smell of sewage
85.  London licorice

(Yes, there is a complementary list of things I do like; thankfully, it's almost twice as long.  Funny how the older I've gotten, the more like and the less I don't...)


  1. This looks like a list -I- did!!

  2. there is def a whole lot I would second ... and some I never heard of - probably for the best ;)

    but it's the opposite with the length of like/dislike ... the dislike gets longer and longer - while the like has a pretty much stable to shorter length

    I just hate life *ggg*

    The Annie S

    1. Don't hate life!! It's not all bad! :) (Maybe at some point I'll post part of my "love" list. ;))

  3. HAHA at Crash and Snot! LOL!

    How do you say Coupon then?? Pretty sure i say Coo-Pon :/

    1. I've always said "Q-pon," and it's weird, because that's the way most people said it here in the U.S. until maybe fifteen or twenty years ago, and then all the sudden - for no apparent reason! - everyone started saying it "coo-pon"! (I've looked it up in old dictionaries even. "Q-pon" was always the preferred pronunciation.) I've gotten used to hearing it the other way, but I still always say "Q-pon." "Coo" just sounds weird to me!! :)

  4. Haha nope, can say most people say coo-pon here!

  5. I think I agree with over half of this list, except for Friends. That's my all time favorite show! I won't hold that against you Becky!

    1. I think I might be the only person on Earth who doesn't like Friends! (So I'm glad you're okay with not judging me for it. :D)