Thursday, November 29, 2012

New MySpace! Is Awesome!

Well, that was faster than expected.  I got my invitation this morning to set up a "New MySpace" profile (which apparently isn't publicly visible yet or else I would link to it).  It's just getting started over there.  I was the very first person to like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Justin Timberlake has status updates that have zero comments.

And I already got my first "connection" from a complete stranger for no reason...OH MY GOD, MYSPACE IS BACK.

The profiles are clean and simple.  You can listen to just about any song ever recorded.  And there are no ads.  (Yet.)  Allow me a moment to wipe away my tears of joy.  It's just so damn beautiful over there...

(The next time I blog, it will be more substantial and about something other than MySpace, like maybe the marathon I'm running in two days.  But holy hell, this is MySpace we're talking about!  I loved MySpace more than any sane person should ever love a website!  A part of my soul died when the Facebook behemoth sucked the life force from the "old" MySpace [which has been rechristened "MySpace Classic"] but NOW THERE IS HOPE ONCE MORE.) 

(If you have any interest in joining before it officially opens to the public [date unknown], then please let me know because I have five free invites sitting in my profile right now.  HALLELUJAH, IT IS MYSPACE.)


  1. I should still have a myspace account - I will check it out. Freedom!!

  2. Oh, I think I would like one, if you have any left :-) It'd be cool to check out the awesomeness.