Friday, December 21, 2012

What do you know – the world didn’t end!

Well, chums, Christmas Day is fast approaching, and I hope that it’s a wonderful day for any and all who are reading this right now!  (Unless I don’t like you!  In which case, you can suck it.)  (Haha, kidding, of course.) (Sort of.)

In this week’s Newsweek, there is an article about New Year’s resolutions and how we just can’t ever seem to stick with them.  In consolation, there were some helpful tips about making lifestyle changes in small increments instead of overwhelming yourself by setting huge goals, and my favorite part of the entire article came when an expert on such matters recommended being purposefully mediocre every once in a while.

Just give about 60%, is what he said, and then who cares, and also you’ll probably wind up impressing yourself because for Christ’s sake, it’s not that hard to give freaking 60%, so maybe you’ll accidentally give 65% or something, and whoa – success!  (And wasn’t that better than putting undue pressure on yourself to give 100% and then being disappointed when you actually wound up giving 0%?! Exactly.)

So when I say I want you to have a wonderful Christmas, I truly do mean it, and I just as truly believe you’re going to pull it off.  If you’re reading this right now, that means that the human race wasn’t extinguished in a fiery apocalypse on the winter solstice this year (fuck you, Mayan calendar), and if you set the standard at that level of low to begin with, how could you NOT have a great holiday?!

BAM, I just saved Christmas, you’re welcome.

(I like this mediocrity idea.  I spent pretty much all of 2012, my first year of my thirties, being “super-earnest” and trying “extra hard” to always be the best Becky and all that, so it could be an interesting experiment to spend 2013 just fucking phoning it in and see if I actually get more done.  It might be worth exploring…)

I’m so glad to know each and every one of you, congratulations on not dying in the apocalypse, and


  1. Becky, as Ringo once said, "Merry Happy Christmas" so same to you and I hope you have a mediocre 2013!
    xx CC/Leslie

  2. ha! becky you probably just made my year 2013 .... as I did the same as you with my 2012 and can with all honesty and sadness say: I ended up doing the 0% of what I planned - okay 1 or 2% - but that is the saddest part of all.

    Soooo I join you in the 60%-year ;)

    And again have a great time this christmas, with everyone and everything you wish for ... and make it safely into an almost healthy and half-way successfull 2013. Sending hugs and kisses from germany, with some snow actually :D

    Annie Sasha

  3. Haha, thanks to you both for the best lackluster holiday wishes a person could ever ask for!!! :D The more I think about this mediocrity idea, the more I think it really has merit. Maybe we should just make a community-wide resolution right now to have only an alright year next year. :D

    And Sasha, snow sounds wonderful! It's finally a little cooler here today, but I swear it's felt like spring the past few weeks. Makes it even harder to believe that Christmas is already here... :)

    Because Leslie has reminded me that Ringo said it best, Merry Happy Christmas to all!!

    1. beat me to it - but since yesterday evening we have some rainy snow or such - which means there is a thick ice coat on the street

      wanna swap?

      wish me luck on having the temperature rise today for 3-4 degress so a) the ice can melt away and b) I can run errands tomorrow or I am having a "no-breakfast-christmas" lol

    2. ummm that ^ was me ... Annie Sasha

    3. btw. as I forgot to say it: I am in with that resolution. :)

      Next year is mine and it's gonna be alright :D see you there

      Annie Sasha

  4. Hahaha! You're brilliant, I love you! Happy Merry Christmas! <3