Monday, January 7, 2013

Meet Matthew Crawley (Warning: Downton Abbey Season 3 Premiere Spoilers Below)

This is Matthew Crawley.

Matthew lives in England in the early twentieth century.

For a living, he inadvertently inherits other people’s obscenely large fortunes…

…and then nobly does everything in his power to refuse the money.

His love interest is the lovely Lady Mary.

Their relationship has been on again…

…off again…

…on again…

…off again…

…and on again…

(though not before a hint of being off again).

Matthew Crawley is played by someone who is a real person, who lives in the twenty-first century.

He has a real name, and a real wife, and a real child.

But I don’t need to know about any of that.

All I need of Matthew Crawley is Matthew Crawley.

In all his devilish handsomeness.

And horrifically proper sense of morality.

And miraculous ability to heal himself from devastating, war-inflicted paralyzation.

Matthew stands to inherit Downton Abbey.

And it will be the most delicious of slow burns to watch over the next few weeks to see if he actually does.

(Season 3 of Downton Abbey premiered here in the U.S. last night, so no spoilers, please, if the whole season has already aired in your country!)

(That said, in finding the pictures for this post, I accidentally ran into two spoilers that I'm incredibly upset to learn about before seeing on TV.  Dammit, dammit, dammit...)

(P.S.  I think Thomas needs a love interest this season, am I right?)


  1. You do know he's opted to not renew his contract . . so his character is done this season, right? Sad. I hate to see him go. Stupid move too.

    They need to find a good male opposite for Thomas. He's just too strong of a character to get a mamby-pamby boy-toy.

    1. DUDE! Spoiler alert!!!!

      Actually, against all odds (mainly because of a completely different spoiler that came across in a random Google search a month ago), I was super-hardcore and managed to steer clear of ALL Downton Abbey press recently. And then BAM. Google image search yesterday, and suddenly I know everything (and then some). Sigh. Now I know how all those British fans felt about trying to watch Buffy unspoiled while we Americans blabbed endlessly about stuff they hadn’t seen yet… :-/

      But back to the issue at hand: AGREED that it’s a dumb move for him not to renew his contract (come on!!) and AGREED that Thomas needs a strong male to play off of! He’s such a complex character, and much more interesting (from my point of view) to watch than someone like Anna, who is so relentlessly good. Thomas definitely needs a little spice in his life…purely for his own benefit, mind you…nothing to do with my entertainment at all…

  2. hahaha!! for starters... a big fat yes on the last point!!

    Secondly... You kinda spoilt it for me! It hasnt been aired here yet so I wasnt aware that they do actually end up getting married... but aww sweet!

    1. ACK!!!! I’m so sorry!! I didn’t even think (clearly!)… I’ll put up a warning in the title of the post so hopefully I won’t ruin it for someone else. :( Only the first episode of the new season has aired here, and I think that’s the only real spoiler from it I put in this post… Sorry, sorry!!

      Do you know when it’s going to start airing in Australia?? The second season wrapped up in March here and it’s felt like an *eternity* waiting for it to come back.

    2. Yeh its been advertised as "coming in 2013" but my mum just bought it on bluray from the UK so hoping she watches it quickly and brings it up with her once the baby is born! Who knows when it will come on TV... We did however get really spoilt with Homeland coming on tv here a few days after it was aired in the USA... and I dont even want to think of the logistics of how long we now have to wait for season 3 of that... argh

    3. I’m jealous you get to see Homeland! It seems like everyone who watches gets hooked immediately, but it’s on a channel that I don’t get so I’ve never seen it. Maybe one of these days I’ll finally get a Netflix subscription and catch up on all the tons of things I miss by not having premium cable channels. :D

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed your mom gets through the season fast! At least you won’t have to wait for it to come on TV. DVDs have me spoiled; I’m remembering all over again how hard it is to wait a whole week between episodes!!


    1) I finished a Downton Abbey season 3 marathon just a few days ago and sweet lord, the withdrawal!


    3) I adore Matthew and Mary. Together.

    4) I never knew you watched this show, and now I do!

    5) I LOVE THOMAS. Despite the fact that he can be a downright jerk at times.

    6) Thomas + love interest? Well, uhm. YES, PLEASE. (Shocking.)

    1. Hahaha, I love this comment!!! I have been SO tempted to download the whole season, and now that I’ve seen the first episode, I’m even *more* tempted! We’ll see if I can actually make it until the end without cracking. :)

      I didn’t know you watched, either!! I love, love, LOVE how pretty much everyone I know watches this and yet we’re scattered to all corners of the globe and all watching it at different times. :) Aside from the spoiler aspect (which really is a downer :-/), it makes the world seem like a smaller and happier place to me. :D

      So it’s unanimous then: Thomas must find love!! God, I’m so with you on loving him in spite of his being an asshole. Somehow that just makes him more watchable. (And I know you’ll appreciate this, Jess…the very first time I turned on Downton Abbey, Thomas was liplocked with that dude from season one. So OBVIOUSLY I started watching every week!! :D :D :D)

  4. AHHHHHH! Even though I knew it was coming - knew it was coming - I was so disappointed and upset : ( Darn you, Dan Stevens, for wanting to expand your career!

    - Meg