Friday, May 10, 2013

The Slider Inn

There are mornings when I wake up a little disoriented...with memories floating through my head that I'm not sure are real...and I know that sometime around noon, I'll start to feel like death warmed over...and I CANNOT.  STOP.  LAUGHING.

And that's when I know - I know - that it was a good night at the Slider Inn.

I'd rank the latest outing in the top five.  Full-on Twilight Zone-level weirdness.  The beauty of the Breakaway/Slider experience is that every once in a while, the stars align and it's not just that things don't happen the way I anticipate they might, it's that I couldn't anticipate what was going to happen because my capacity for imagination does not stretch that far.

I used last year's Cinco de Mayo pub crawl run as validation of my maturity.  I remember the pride I felt in leaving at 9:00 and walking away before I had too much to drink.

And I'm equally proud of myself for using this year's run to prove I can still be fucking idiot every once in a while.

Balance.  In order to find it, sometimes you have to test the extremes on either end.  And trust me when I say I have see the full spectrum at the Slider Inn.


  1. You can't leave us hanging with that Becky...we need to know the heights of your idiocy :)

    1. Hahaha! I am a little ashamed to admit that I can't tell you the full heights of my idiocy because it wasn't until after I posted this entry that someone contacted me and I realized that, er, I left a chunk of memory behind with the evening. (Ack!!)

      As a consolation prize, I will offer you this description of where the night started, taken from the write-up I aim to include in that Breakaway book that I'm always talking about and will, maybe, someday, actually finish... :)

      Quinto was pouring shots of Fireball directly from the bottle into people’s mouths...Barry was dancing as wildly as any of the rest of us...the atmosphere was euphoric...

  2. And the rest is history.... hahaha!! You can always rely on somebody to fill you in on the forgotten parts ;) Sounds like a seriously raucous night from what you can remember! xx

    1. OH, IT WAS. I was back at the Slider Inn last night (for a much quieter night) and was told I had been "dancing my ass off" and "having a great time," which I don't really remember...and then, not ten minutes later, a man came into the bar and started talking to me about dancing with him...which, again, I don't remember. All I have are happy memories, though, and the beginning and end of the night (which I remember quite well) were awesome, so all in all, definitely a great night out!! :D