Tuesday, July 16, 2013


...that I have such a hard time when it comes to fixating on the negatives? (?) (?!)

There was some rejection in my life today, gentle readers.  Rejection of both the personal and professional variety.

There was also a track workout tonight.  A track workout that, on a scale of 1 to Sad, was PATHETIC.  (Seriously, why do I even have legs.)  (Scratch that, and please don't send me hate e-mails if you don't have legs.)

BUT.  Other things that happened today were:

This isn't today.  But close enough.
1.  I got to do something artistic for the first time in a long while and I cranked it out like it was my bitch and it turned out awesome.

2.  I did some really good writing, of the variety that sometimes leaves me in awe of my own brain.

3.  My fucking eyelashes were fucking fantastic today.  Other people have good hair days and bad hair days.  I just always have bad hair days...and then fucking fantastic eyelash days.

4.  I listened to Jagged Little Pill this afternoon, and when I sang along, I was almost on key.  (Singing, along with running fast, are the only two things in life I seem unable to conquer with practice.  EXCEPT MAYBE NOW I SING.)  

5.  At 3:30 this afternoon, I was all like, fuck it, I'm meditating.  And I did that shit.  I mean, how can a person even complain about life when they have the opportunity to sit their ass down on the floor at 3:30 in the afternoon and Zen the hell out?


Except...complaining is exactly what I felt like doing about my day.  All because every once in a while, I feel really sorry for myself.  I feel like "no one cares" and "all I do is work and never get anywhere" and "no one gets me" and "fuck my eyelashes, can't a bitch just have a manageable ponytail now and again?"

You know what?  I'm okay.  Everything is okay.  Well, maybe not my track workout...but it's okay.

I think...that maybe I should lighten up on myself...


  1. Add another rejection to that list.

    I'm going to go to bed. And I'm going to mean that last line when I wake up in the morning...

    1. Becky, I agree with that last line as well!!! (And definitely need to apply your advice to my life... you have no idea!) We shall have beer and ghosts and shenanigans in Nashville / Franklin / Brentwood soon and, even thought that won't change anything, dammit it will be FUN. Looking forward to seeing you!!

    2. I can't wait, Kathryn!!! A forecast of fun is exactly what you and I both need right now. Good luck getting through the rest of week!! GOOD TIMES (with the beer and the ghosts!!) ARE JUST AROUND THE CORNER. :D

  2. I MISS YOU!

    (I'm the worst friend ever. And the worst e-mail writer ever. Obviously.)

    Adore that pic of you!

    1. I MISS YOU, TOO!! I am at least as bad as you are...I never write either. :(

      But it makes me super-happy just to see your name, which, I guess, is like the internet equivalent of running into you unexpectedly. :D

      Hope life is good...I'll write soon!!! (No, really!)

    2. We are baaaaad people! Or just crazy busy. :) But hey! My summer holidays are coming up. If you don't get an e-mail from me within, say, the next 2 weeks, feel free to unfriend me over on Facebook (no, don't do it!). ;-)

      *hugs Becky tight*

    3. HA, I think it's totally that we're busy more so than us being bad (or at least I like to think so!). :D ENJOY your vacation!!!!!! I'll look forward to the e-mail, whenever it may come. :) (And I promise no unfriending will happen even if it doesn't!! ;D)

      **hugs back**

  3. I'm so glad u have fucking fantastic eyelash days. That's brilliant hahaha s4m985 (yes serious, it's me!)

    1. AHHH, YAY!! So great to see a comment from you, Sam!! (For once, technology is working in our favor! :D)

      I hope you have good eyelash days, too! :) *HUGS*