Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Becky Reviews Something! Kalo Hair Inhibitor (No, Really, We're Doing This)

There are certain milestones in a blogger's career - certain things one likes to achieve so that one's ego can be fed.  There's being linked to by a website that's a household name (yes, it still counts even if they mock you).  There's writing something that leads strangers to send you hateful e-mails.  There's misleading the public (unintentionally) with your (all-in-good-fun) bullshit.  There's being approached to get the word out for the Greater Good...

But until now, I had not achieved the Ultimate in Girl Blogging; I had not officially earned my designation as A Female Who Writes because I had not been approached by a cosmetics company to review something for them.  UNTIL NOW.

When Kalo suggested I write about their hair removal products, I could not say yes fast enough.  Hair removal, of course, is the only topic more likely to shock all of you than pelvic organ prolapse (or visits to the gynecologist), and every once in a while, we need a little shock around here.

So here we go!


I was sent three products:

1.  Kalo Post Epilating Spray
2.  Kalo Post Epilating Lotion
3.  Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment

These are commercially available products.
Um, yeah, like I own a fucking epilator.  What I own is the cheapest bag of cheap-ass pink grocery-store-brand razors you can buy.

Luckily, the documentation that came with these products (which are not for the faint of bank account) said that they could be used after shaving, too.  When used after waxing or epilating (wherein the hair is ripped up by the root), the spray (for large areas) and lotion (for more targeted regions) is supposed to inhibit the hair from growing back.  With repeated use, allegedly your hair growth will be reduced to essentially nothing.

When used after shaving, it's more of just an incentive for your hair follicle to take it down a notch.  As someone who runs in shorts roughly twelve months of the year, adding an extra day or two between my usual shaving schedule sounded appealing.

Kalo Post Epilating Spray/Lotion - Things I Noticed Upon Usage:

1.  This stuff smells a little like a public restroom.  Fortunately, the odor seemed to wear off relatively quickly...although the lack of smell made me wonder if the hair-inhibiting powers had also worn off.  Because...

2.  It didn't work very well.  Or maybe not at all.  I'm not sure.  I wanted it to work really badly because I wanted to give it a super-great review so then other companies would send me inhibitively expensive beauty products whose existence I was unaware of.  But, after about three weeks, my shaving schedule remains much as it was.  [sad face]

3.  However, my legs have never been smoother!  Hello, nourishing chemicals!  A+ for this happy side effect.

Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment - Getting the Job Done:

The Ingrown Hair Treatment also aided in the general baby's-ass-ishness of my legs, so kudos to it.

After applying your inhibitor (and giving it a couple of hours or so to sink in), it was time to spray on the Ingrown Hair Treatment, which was remarkably effective in reducing shaving bumps and other general redness and irritation that I deal with as someone who (again) runs around in shorts twelve months of the year.  It smelled mildly antiseptic, but considering its usage, I didn't mind.  (Like the Post Epilating products, the smell of the Ingrown Hair Treatment wore off quickly.)

So all in all, I would give the Post Epilating Spray and Lotion a C- (points for effort!) and the Ingrown Hair Treatment an A.  And after reading several other reviews of these products, I'm willing to concede that I probably would have had better luck if I, you know, actually owned an epilator.  (But no.)

Wow, that was a good time (my legs agree!), so if anyone else wants to send me stuff, please do, OKAYGUYSTHANKS.

Picture yanked from here.  Products available across the Googleverse.  


  1. sooo I stick to my usual bodylotion after shaving, but the Ingrown Hair Treatment sounds very well - if it is available in germany that is LOL. With my pale skin every little redness is like a fire truck lamp

    Nice first review Becks :)

    Annie Sasha

    1. Thanks. :) I'm glad you didn't comment that I'd lost my mind or something since this is such an unusual topic for me!!

      (I think you and I probably have the same skin tone. :D)

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    1. This is one of the most finely honed spam comments I've ever seen. Well played, David Snydar. Well played.

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