Sunday, September 22, 2013

NO OFFENSE INTENDED JAKE FANZ... #JakeGyllenhaalTHANGS #LeavingMemphisandStuff

...I did not see Prisoners this weekend.

A few weeks ago, I saw The Butler with my parents and a preview for Prisoners came on before the movie.  I leaned over to my mom halfway through and whispered, "I'm really glad I'm not obligated in any way to go see this."

She responded, "Dad and I saw this preview before some other movie and we decided we were obligated not to see it."

Even without the Heinekes' support, Prisoners appears to have won at the box office this weekend.  Er, good for it...but...I still think I'll sit this one out.

OH, this 2013 calendar year.  It has not been fun times for your author!  So much drama!  So much...fucking...running and shit!  This weekend marked my final long run in preparation for the Chicago marathon.  Twenty-one grueling miles happened yesterday and all I will say about my training for this particular marathon is that "phoning it in" does not quite cover the half-ass-ed-ness.

In more promising news, I will be out of The Memphis and off of The Internet from Wednesday(-ish) through Saturday(-ish) because I will be in New York visiting my brother.  Start being jealous now, bitches.

LASTLY, to get serious for a moment, I want to say that I have not been happy with the level of my writing this year.  Last year, I wrote a lot of good things, in preparation for my next book, on this blog, and in my series of increasingly complicated (yet truthfully comical!) journals.  This year?  This year I have sunk into a shell of my former self.

But I talked to my mom earlier today and we discussed this marathon I have coming up.  And she told me...she told me that I am a strong person and despite my half-ass-ed-ness right now, I'm still strong enough to run a marathon, so I'm strong enough to do other things, too.

I hope that she's right.  And I hope that all of you are feeling the strength you have within you right now as well.

Life, man.  Here we are.  And if there's nothing else to say, it's that five years ago, I couldn't *imagine* a time when a Jake Gyllenhaal movie would come out and I would actively not give a fuck.  So things change.  What's important right now won't always be important.

Enjoy your week, friends! :)  I'll be back...


  1. I was thinking that I might go to a movie theater and see "Prisoners."

    By an amazing coincidence, Jake has a "budding" romance that started just before his new film opened! Here is Jake, simmering with passion for his new love in this fatuous article

  2. P.S. Jake was in New York on Saturday. You are leaving for New York on Wednesday.

    Another coincidence?! I don't think so.

    At any rate have a fabulous time in New York!

    1. It's astonishing how lucky he is in the timing of his relationships! It just works out so damn well every damn time... (Is this the same chick I mocked earlier? Hold up... No. No, it is another waifish model in her early twenties. Huh.)

      Thank you, by the way, for the heads up on him possibly being in NYC. With this public announcement and all, I KNOW he'll be stalking me. Jesus. Model girlfriend or not, some people just don't know how to move on...


  3. Enjoy your time Becky :)

    And well, I guess that is the best motto life has got to offer "What's important right now won't always be important."

    Annie Sasha

    1. Thank you, Annie!!! And yes, I try very, very hard to remember that motto. But damn it's hard to believe sometimes! :)

  4. Funny how the er, "[very] young women" actors date are always "models" no one has ever heard of and not one of them is over the age of 24-1/2.

    Annie Sasha has a good point about the motto although as you say, it's hard to believe sometimes.

  5. Oh, yes, Prisoners. I completely forgot about that. As a matter of fact, completely forgot about Jake. He dating a model then? His midlife crisis starts early....

    1. Indeed! And glad I wasn't the only one who skipped over Prisoners. I think it was well-reviewed, and I know some people who saw it and liked it, but, er, no thank you.

      Life goes on... :)