Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Twitter Not Handling My Rejection Well

"An invaluable part of my life"?

If I ever get to the point where Twitter has become "an invaluable part of my life," seriously, euthanize me because obviously my life has ceased to be worth living.

As if that weren't enough, to entice me further, here is a list of people Twitter thinks I might want to follow:

What a horrible miscarriage of Twitter's algorithm; it seems to have chosen only people I have a negative interest in following.  I don't even know anything about anything that is going on with this.

I was also recently solicited by underperforming social networking reject Hi5, who hasn't talked to me since, like, 2005.

Please take note of the "12" people below:

(Maybe Hi5 died because no one who worked there knew how to count?)

The internet.  This is what is on it.


  1. When did you become a male African-American-Latino athlete Becky?

  2. That really hit home.... I haven't been on twitter for like a year (minimum) and I still got those mails.


    Annie Sasha

    1. You'd think they'd get the hint!! It's been a very, very long time since I logged in, and even when I was logging in regularly, I never spent much time on there. I just never really got the appeal...

      Er, sorry, Twitter, but no thanks!