Thursday, November 21, 2013

Comets + Yoko Ono = Apocalypse

Sometime around the dawn of mankind, a comet was knocked out of the Oort Cloud in the outer regions of our solar system.  Ever since, it has been headed our way, and in one week (on American Thanksgiving!), it may or may not disintegrate in our sun.  Literally, this is happening right now, people.  (I saw it on NOVA last night.)  Like, ever since there have been humans, this thing has been coming toward us, and we're going to find out its fate in seven days.  (It may go out with a whimper, it may go out in a blaze of glory unlike anything seen in our lifetimes, or it may whip around the sun and continue on its way.  No one even knows.

Engraving of this year's Thanksgiving, courtesy of NASA's website.
Comets used to be seen as harbingers of doomsday, mostly because of that one time there was one in 1066 and then right after, William the Conquerer did his conquering and all of English history happened.  Also, people are ridiculous and will freak out over anything (Hale-Bopp, here's looking at you).

Our comet friend ISON, the one taking its life in its hands as you read this, is already being predicted by some as a sign of the apocalypse

Personally, I think a more likely sign of the apocalypse is that I just today read an interview with Yoko Ono in the back of the September 16 issue of Time magazine and I'll be damned (no pun) if that woman didn't sound like she was making some sense.

"I never think of it as a 'career.'  Art and music and all those things that I'm creating are just part of me."

"It'd be good if we loved each other and would give some focus to each other, and weren't afraid of being passionate.  To have a relationship that is pure and passionate and beautiful - I think people are scared of having that now.  Especially guys."

Well, thanks a lot, Yoko, for making me question the very essence of my existence by parroting back my own thoughts, I mean, what the hell. 

Another quote:

"I really think that we're getting wiser and wiser.  We can make it."

You know, I always kind of thought so, too...  But that was back when the world made sense to me.  Back before lunch today, when I started agreeing with Yoko Ono.

I have no idea what any of this means.  Except, all hail ISON the Wonder Comet.  Looks like it might just spell our doom after all.


  1. Don't let Yoko mess with your head, Becks!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hahahaaa!!! I'll try, Kathryn. GOD KNOWS, I will try not to let her get to me...